Frontgate Forecast: Summer 2024 Trends We Love

Every new season is a unique opportunity to rethink and redesign our homes. Summer is a time to make the most use of outdoor spaces while also lightening things up inside. We’re breaking down some of our favorite design trends of the season to inspire your whole home – inside and outdoors.

Mixed Materials

Having a variety of materials within a space is one of the key principles of design. Introducing a mix of materials creates texture and results in a well-balanced look. This season, we’re seeing this expression play out both in single pieces and whole rooms. Wood, metal, glass, stone and fabric medleys interact to form an eclectic aesthetic. This trend is taking over in uncommon pairings such as outdoor dining chairs with tables in different materials and shiny metallics with veined marble.

Low-Key Luxury

Think of this trend as the joining of relaxed yet refined elements. There’s power in simplicity, and this aesthetic is honoring fewer, more deliberate pieces in a room, putting less emphasis on accessories that run the risk of adding clutter. Sophisticated materials and crafted weaves set the scene while creating a comfortable, streamlined space. The key here is to let quality materials shine through without being overshadowed by unintentional pieces. This trend is enduring, genuine and uncomplicated.

Personal Identity

Your home shouldn’t look like anyone else’s home; it should reflect you and your unique personality. Highly personalized spaces are of utmost importance this year. Bespoke pieces are on the rise, with customizable furniture arrangements, monogramming and hand-selected fabric offerings at the forefront. This emphasis on unique pieces that can’t be replicated creates a curated and authentic experience.

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