towels hanging

Is it possible to feel passionate about a bath towel? We think so. More importantly, so do 7,000 of our customers.

When we developed our Resort Cotton Towel, we wanted to create a towel that was as lush, lofty and luxurious as the ones in the finest hotels and spas … one that you would look forward to embracing every day after a shower or bath.

“Absolutely the best towels on the planet!”

- Customer Review

folded towels

“Best towel ever! They’re super soft, super absorbent, and they look elegant and luxurious.”

- Customer Review

Each is made of premium long-staple Turkish cotton that’s fashioned to an ultraplush 700 gsm (that’s grams per square meter – the higher this number, the more absorbent the towel). Plus, our towels are a little bit longer and wider to keep you warm, dry and covered.

“I’m addicted to these towels! I first saw (and felt) them at my parent’s house and loved them so much I got a set for my guest bath and master bathroom.”

- Customer Review


stacked towels

“These are the softest, plushest towels I have ever used. They’re thick, luxurious and feel so rich!”

- Customer Review

With over 20 colors, plus gorgeous patterns and textures, our towels can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your bathroom and bedroom decor.

Our Resort Collection also includes luxurious sheets, bath rugs and robes. Shop all of Frontgate’s luxury bath towels.

November 19, 2021