Picture Perfect Porch – Post Holiday Edition

Who doesn’t love a pretty porch display? Decorating for the season is the warmest way to welcome guests and passersby. But when pumpkin season has passed, mistletoe has come and gone, and it’s too early for summer blooms – what do you do? Many are at a loss for how to dress up their porch in the new year, so we’re serving up five styles of post-holiday porch inspiration you are sure to love.

Coordinate a Monochrome Moment

Picture Perfect Porch

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One of the trendiest color schemes of the season, and our favorite execution of “matchy-matchy,” this bold display will catch the eyes of neighbors near and far. It’s best to think small-scale with this style; start with the color of your door and work your way out. Bring in a door mat in the same color family, but perhaps in a different shade. Accentuate with bold florals in the same palette, and the result will be a highly saturated front porch that can hold its own any time of year.

Never Go Out of Style with Neutral

Picture Perfect Porch

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A subtler approach to using color as your front porch theme, this one will never go out of style. Not only are these neutral shades easy on the eyes, but they also act as a blank canvas, ready to be paired with myriad patterns and textures to create a balanced aesthetic and easily transition throughout the year. And there are two ways to use neutrals in your porch design: as the primary scheme or as a soft foundation for bolder pops of color to steal the show. Regardless of your choice, this calming design is perfect for those in-between-season times and will greet your guests with a clean, streamlined entrance.

Decorate for ALL the Holidays

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Picture Perfect Porch

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Even when the winter holidays are behind us, there is still plenty to celebrate. And honestly, why shouldn’t you capitalize on any and every reason to decorate? Go full red, white and blue for Presidents’ Day. Embrace bold red and pink florals for Valentine’s Day. Layer on the green accents for St. Patrick’s Day. And of course, add pastel colors to your doorstep for Easter. Decorating for these holidays will lend instant festive spirit to your stoop.

Create a Plant Lover’s Paradise

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For a way to add instant curb appeal to your home, plants always come through. And while January through March is still quite cold in some regions, faux plants have just as big of a visual impact and are a more subtle nod to spring than florals. Plus, faux plants are a low-maintenance solution to bringing life to your porch no matter the time of year. The secret to using plants to create a perfect porch vignette is to display them symmetrically. Use your front door as the focal point, then create a balanced display varying in scale to line your door. This will draw all the attention to your entrance and be soothing to the eye.

Manifest Spring

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Sometimes subtle isn’t what we’re going for. Just because it isn’t officially spring doesn’t mean you can’t channel its arrival. And what says spring more than florals? Since real flowers haven’t yet bloomed in the early months, faux varieties are the way to go. Grab a wreath with some artificial magnolias or bouquets made of faux stems to liven up your display and manifest warmer, sunnier days. Even choosing a door mat in a floral pattern is a perfect way to handle the post-holiday season.

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