Frontgate Forecast: Spring 2024 Trends We Love

Spring is a time of renewal, both inside and outside our homes. This season, we will see an increase in trends rooted in nature, offering timeless inspiration and organic elements that never go out of style. Our favorite trends this spring will be centered around togetherness, reimagining familiar forms and some unexpected variations on former design rules. Here are the major trends to incorporate in the new year.

Celebration of Wood

As diversified trends continue to make a resurgence, familiar forms are now being reimagined. Wood furnishings are straying from convention and are instead being repositioned. This is expected to come in the form of intricate carvings and single pieces that blend wood varieties and shades that celebrate the natural characteristics of wood. Functional pieces are getting dressed up, with drawers and doors being at the forefront of this trend. These handcarved, organic products are so visually striking that they double as artwork. Since the design world has moved away from cookie-cutter designs, this fresh take on wood adds the charm and personality that all homes seek.

Torrence Chest (coming Spring 2024)

Digitally Intuitive Design

We live in an ever-evolving digital age. Technology is a part of our everyday life with digital elements being integrated into more products every day. Crafted using a design-first, tech-second approach, these products anticipate consumers’ needs. Utilizing intuitive designs, products such as rechargeable lighting and fabric that repels rain, spills and stains are making our lives a little easier. Furniture is now crafted with built-in outlets to accommodate our growing number of devices. This trend is only going to become more expansive with time.

Medleys of Metal

Despite what you may have heard, you can mix metals, and the result is stunning. Different shades of metals and those with varying levels of luster are coming together to make a statement this season. Brass blends with matte black and chrome shines against copper – the possibilities are endless. The most accessible places to incorporate mixed metals are the bathroom and kitchen, where metal is typically used in the fixtures. However, now individual products are catching on to this trend and blending metals into a single item. This display of captivating contrast is sure to be the newest obsession of every design lover.

Angelina Chandelier (coming Spring 2024)

Statement-Making Stone

Many of this year’s interior design trends have been influenced by organic elements, and this trend is no exception. In all its forms, stone is showing up bigger and bolder this season. Dramatic veining, sheens that sparkle and eye-catching contrast are all prevalent in stone this year. No longer merely a finish for countertops, this natural material serves as the top to sideboards and nightstands, as sophisticated serveware and as accents on lighting fixtures. Incorporating statement stone is an unexpected way to introduce “pattern” into a space while allowing neutrality to be at the forefront.

Richmond Park Sideboard (coming Spring 2024)

Pearson Coffee Table (coming Spring 2024)

Rooted in Company

After years of social isolation, we’re all craving more interaction these days. Room layouts and seating configurations are now being thoughtfully arranged to foster close conversation; even subtle elements are being added to designs to encourage associating with others. With connection in mind, seating collections are adding chaises intended for two. Living room seating now has features to facilitate comfort and socialization with elements such as integrated tables and armrests for leaning in closer. Modular furniture allows for reconfiguration when conversation strikes. Mixing and matching seating options is also expected to be popular in another effort to curate an intimate environment.

 Balencia Double Chaise (coming Spring 2024)

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