Frontgate’s Top 8 Considerations for Showcasing Statement Lighting

Move over wall art – lighting fixtures are stealing the designer spotlight. Often considered the jewelry of a room, lighting has a way of putting an exclamation mark on any design, even serving as a focal point of a space. Statement lighting is one of our favorite trends to consider implementing this year to elevate any room. Since bold lighting fixtures are often an investment, it is crucial to take the following eight points into account before haphazardly hanging these works of art.


Streamline your statement pieces

Lighting can be the intended statement if it isn’t competing with other attention-grabbing decor. It’s best to avoid hanging bold lighting fixtures near eye-catching wall art or prominent architectural features in the home so your lighting gets the attention it deserves. Having one focal point gives guests a natural sightline instead of competing elements that can make a space feel overwhelming and disjointed.


Measure twice, hang once

One of the most common placements for statement lighting is above tables. Aim to hang the chandelier or pendant 30–36 inches above the table’s surface to maximize dramatic effect and ensure the fixture doesn’t obstruct anyone’s view. Or, if the fixture is hung freely, aim for it to be at least seven feet above the floor.


Explore how the light will look turned on and off

A light can look vastly different during the day versus at night. The light bulb’s warmth can change the fixture’s color, which can result in a hue that doesn’t work as well in your space. Also, an often-overlooked element of lighting is the illumination itself. The glow cast by each fixture plays a role in its statement-making qualities, so be sure it has the right amount of throw for the space.


Think about style

Ensuring statement lighting works well with the room’s aesthetic is essential before making a purchase. This type of artistic expression aims to complement the space rather than disrupt it. For instance, consider fixtures with metals in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where other metal elements are present. Also, consider introducing a curved light fixture into a room with mostly straight lines for balance. Think of adding lighting as an opportunity to accentuate your design.


Take scale into account

Consider the size of your statement fixture relative to objects that will surround it. If you hang the lighting above your table, be sure the size of the light doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the table. To get your proportions right, measure (in feet) the length and width of your room, and then add those numbers together. Convert that number to inches, and you will have the ideal diameter of your light fixture.
Example: If your dining room is 10′ x 12′, 10 + 12 = 22, so a 22-inch-wide light fixture will be perfect.


Ask if grouping is necessary

We’ve discussed the perfect recipe for measurements and scale as they relate to statement lighting. If you’ve already purchased a fixture that’s too small, or if you would like it to be more impressive, consider grouping. Our eyes are automatically drawn to repetition, so grouping can be an excellent way to create more visual impact.


Consider the walls that will surround the lighting

Is the wall painted boldly, or is there a wall covering? If so, choosing a simpler style for your statement light is best. You want your lighting fixture to be noticed in a sea of details. If the wall and surrounding objects are on the neutral side, go as dramatic with your lighting as you wish!


Don’t forget about accent lighting

Chandeliers and pendants get all the attention, but you should also think about table and floor lamps and sconces. Architectural shapes, unconventional materials and oversized forms are found in every lighting category. They can make just as bold a statement as their hanging counterparts, especially if you’re decorating a smaller space.

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