Door Mats 101: which styles are right for you?

Made for more than just keeping dirt and debris out of your home, a door mat is a first impression opportunity for visitors. Because of the almost overwhelming range of door mats on the market, choosing the right one can seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to. We hope that with a little guidance, you can find the perfect mat to help frame every entrance of your home.

Just the Right Fit

Your door mat should match the width of the door or be slightly smaller. Choosing the wrong size can throw off the eye, making your door look small or your mat look out of place. Start by measuring your door; the size of a standard single door perfectly fits our small mat measuring 30″ x 48″. For a double door, opt for our large mat measuring 36″ x 72″.

Materials Matter

All door mats are made to keep the outside out, but you’ll need to determine the level of foot traffic your mat will receive. Live in a rural area or have little ones who love puddle-jumping? A rubber or coir mat might be your best bet. Child-free or residential living more your style? A hand-hooked mat is perfectly suitable.

Door Mats: Wipe Your Feet, Please

Hand-Hooked or Tufted

Made from weather-resistant polyester and acrylic fibers. These door mats are ideal for heavy foot traffic and are resistant to mold and mildew.


Crafted from the outer husk of coconut shells, this naturally absorbent material and its rough texture help scrape away dirt and soak up water. Thicker and heavier than synthetic or fabric mats, these make a great addition to front or back doors.

Rubber Coir

Also crafted from naturally absorbent coir fibers, these mats feature strong rubber backing grips on the top that reduce shedding, and grips on the bottom of the mat that prevent skidding.


Great at trapping dirt and debris while providing a non-slip surface. They also resist fading and can withstand most weather conditions.

Utility: For More Than Your Front Door

Water and Dirt Shield

Made for tackling the muddiest tracks and wettest paws, these mats are powerhouses in high-traffic areas. Their low profile allows them to be placed virtually anywhere since doors easily clear them.

Memory Foam

Give your feet a rest with these soft, supportive mats. Their cushioned, contouring comfort will give you some much needed relief while standing in the kitchen or bathroom.

Wellness Mats

Mats that can improve your health by suspending your body weight. Joint strain is significantly reduced with these mats, improving circulation and posture.

Treat Them Right

Equally as important as choosing the perfect mat is ensuring it is cared for properly. Check out our comprehensive offering of mats to bring inside or place outside your home, and make sure to familiarize yourself with the specific care instructions listed in order to extend the life of your mat. We hope this guide helps you find the right mats that feel like they were made for your home.