Styling Tips For Your Easter Table

Easter Table Styling

Betsy Dellaposta is a prop stylist at Frontgate and has been working in the industry for 18 years. She lives for flexing her creative muscles, hosting and every ounce of planning that is needed. Betsy created our Easter brunch table, decked in seasonal colors and the prettiest accents. We sat down with her to learn the process behind her design.

Mixing & Matching Your Table

Frontgate (FG): What tips do you have for introducing colored glassware to a table?

Betsy Dellaposta (BD): Easter is a great opportunity to punch up the color! Placing pastel drinkware on the dinner table – or on a nearby bar cart – is a fun way to embrace color. Through glassware you can experiment with fresh hues while relying on the sparkle of the glass to add a touch of elegance.

Easter Table Styling

FG: The table’s color palette is so well balanced. Tell us how you added contrast to the otherwise pastel theme.

BD: Chinoiserie was an easy choice to incorporate into this space. The bold blue feels fresh and adds a pop of contrast to the softer hues throughout the table. It also lends a classic and elegant feel with a touch of whimsy, which is perfect for Easter.

FG: How can people successfully mix and match colors and patterns?

BD: The best advice I can give when mixing and matching is to be bold. You will be surprised at what works when you dare to pair different patterns of dinner and salad plates or when you embrace various mixed metals in your flatware.

Easter Table Styling

Table Setting Tips

FG: What do you recommend people start with when designing their table?

BD: Start with what inspires you. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere; if a new blue cake stand has you excited, begin there and let it lead you. Add a beautiful dessert on top and you may have just created your centerpiece. However, if inspiration is lacking, lay out your dinnerware and simply start accessorizing. Like that old saying regarding looking in the mirror and removing one accessory before you go out, do the same with your tablescape. Less really can be more – after all, a dinner table is nothing if not functional.

Easter Table Styling

FG: Any tips on adding finishing touches?

BD: Place cards are an easy way to make every guest feel welcomed and appreciated. In addition to enhancing the look of the table, they can also help you plan everyone’s seat to ensure the gathering goes smoothly. They allow for the separation of uncles who can’t agree on anything, let you place grandma in the comfiest seat in the house and make sure all the kiddos have a helping hand nearby.

FG: How important is having items that vary in scale?

BD: Varying heights, textures and materials are the ticket to a showstopping table. Presenting an impactful full-scale tablescape is the goal, so it is important not to forget the small and unexpected details. I love when I’m 20 minutes into a dinner party and a guest points out a tiny detail that I put a lot of thought into to help bring everything together.

Easter Table Styling

FG: How were you able to pull off desserts as centerpieces?

BD: A well-placed cake on a stand can be a showstopper on its own, so when placed in the middle of the table, you have yourself a centerpiece. Some of my favorite desserts to present in the spring include crème brulée, tres leches and lemon meringue pie. And because they each have a low profile, placing them on a cake stand in the center of the table still allows for unobstructed conversations with your guests.

Going the Extra Mile with Decor

Easter Table Styling

FG: Favorite flowers to use on an Easter table?

BD: Nature gifts us the perfect centerpiece for Easter. Perfectly coinciding with the renewal that is happening in our gardens and nurseries, Easter calls upon peonies, daffodils, hyacinth and tulips to bring fresh pastel hues to the dining table and throughout the home.

FG: Do you decorate differently if children will be in attendance?

BD: If you’re inviting the kiddos to the ‘adult table’ there are so many fun ways to make the kids feel extra special. For example, skip the stemware and incorporate tumblers with playful straws. And to help keep them engaged, consider adding some crayons and a coloring placemat.

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