Style Tips for Your Spring Table

Growing up in the Mid-Atlantic, Frontgate product stylist Jacob Lynn felt that spring was an uplifting time of year. As the winter months came to a close, the hillsides of his hometown would burst with the pink of dogwoods and redbud trees, signaling that right around the corner was one of Lynn’s favorite holidays: Easter.


Lynn helped design Frontgate’s Easter tablescape, inspired by nature’s blossoming beauty. He explains how he brought it to life. and offers tips to help you design yours.

Frontgate (FG): What do you recommend people start with when designing their table?

Jacob Lynn (JL): When creating a tablescape, I like to start by observing the dominant colors in the space – colors of the walls, artwork, furniture and accents – then weave those hues into the table setup. For instance, this room had a pink focal wall, so I searched for pink flowers to add to the bouquet and even poured pink rosé. Tying colors together helps create unity between the table and the surrounding area.

FG: What advice would you give regarding introducing pattern to a tablescape?

JL: Start with a statement piece like patterned host dining chairs or a bold table runner. You can then build off that by pulling matching or contrasting colors to set your table. The key is to balance prints and neutrals to create a visually balanced scene.

FG: Kids are often a part of Easter dinners; how do you add touches that appeal to them or even the inner child in all of us?

JL: Once you have all the essentials planned out, you can start thinking of adding unique accents. The idea here is to be playful. Consider adding unexpected metallic flatware, a seasonal napkin ring, or even folding your napkins to look like a bunny. Embrace those whimsical details that will put an exclamation mark on the design. Kids and adults will both love the added touch.

FG: What are your favorite flowers for an Easter tablescape?

JL: I love adding a branch of flowers from my garden to a more traditional arrangement. A few peony stems and a dogwood branch bring extra drama to roses. Mixing the dark draping leaves and purple flowers of hellebores with white hydrangeas makes for an unexpected combination that looks splendid for spring.

FG: Do you have any tricks for crafting a bouquet centerpiece?

JL: Always use in-season blooms. Pastel-colored flowers are great for spring. While grand floral arrangements may be beautiful, they aren’t great for table centerpieces; using a shorter vase allows for ease of conversation without obscuring the view of guests. Multiple short arrangements can be added along the center of the table for a more dramatic effect.

FG: Any tips on adding finishing touches?


The final touches to your table should be the things that bring you joy, have sentimentality or help the gathering go smoothly. For instance, I bring out my grandfather’s crystal candlesticks with extra-long tapers for a special meal. The candlesticks are not only meaningful to me, but they’re also a conversation starter.

If you are having a larger gathering, set out name cards so guests don’t have to think about where they will sit. I also love to have something to send people home with, such as a take-home dessert, a breakfast pastry, or a seasonal candle so they can be reminded the next day of their extraordinary time.

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