Christmas Cheer, Year After Year

If you’re looking for festive, comprehensive greenery for decorating inside and out, get ready to fall in love with the Christmas Cheer Collection.

1. It’s a classic.

The pine cones and red berries. The lush, realistic sprays of pine and holly. And let’s not overlook the red velvet ribbon lined with gold. This collection is the definition of iconic – and timeless – holiday decor.

2. It’s versatile.

Classic holiday motifs will always be en vogue… and they’ll always complement your style, even if your tastes, architecture or furnishings change. And because most pieces in this collection are cordless, they can go anywhere. Nearly every piece is outdoor-rated, so you can extend this decorating look inside and out.

3. It’s expansive.

Christmas Cheer is our most expansive greenery collection. The range of swags, for example, includes Teardrop, Staircase, Doorframe, Chair Back and Horizontal Window. So it truly has something to spruce up every corner of your home. You can even buy the bows independently to spread the cheer beyond just greenery.

4. It’s here to stay.

Christmas Cheer is an established collection, and it isn’t going anywhere. So you can feel confident decking out your living room this year, for example, and then expanding to the foyer or front porch next year. The available items will always be an exact match, so you can create a coordinated holiday look that only gets better with time.

5. It’s always growing.

Every season also brings new introductions to the collection. So even if you have existing pieces, you can continually expand with Christmas Cheer.

Ready for a new tradition that will stand the test of time? Explore the full collection and get started.