Seasonal Layering for the Whole Home

That first fall chill in the air means it’s time to add on the layers. Sweaters and jackets first come to mind, but our homes must also warm up with extra layers.

We asked one of Frontgate’s prop stylists, Betsy Dellaposta, for her best tips on bringing that cozy fall feeling into homes through pillows, blankets and even lighting.

Frontgate (FG): Throws are the perfect autumn accessory – where are some of your favorite places to drape them?

Betsy Dellaposta (BD): Over the arm of a sofa or across the back are classic places to drape throws. I also love the look of them laid across ottomans and positioned at the foot of a bed.

FG: What tips do you have for layering throw pillows?

BD: It’s all about balancing color and size; I like to group solid pillows with patterned ones and square-shaped ones with rectangles.

FG: Layering rugs adds instant warmth. How can you successfully achieve this without the two rugs clashing?

BD: Using jute or sisal as the base is tried and true. Their natural material creates a neutral base ready to be paired with any color or pattern.

FG: What bedding changes do you make for the colder months?

BD: I strip my bedding down to just the basics in the summer. However, it’s time to get out the duvet, warm-colored linens and my faux fur throw when fall returns. These keep my bedroom warm and cozy for those chilly months.

FG: How do you achieve that perfectly layered bed look?

BD: There are a million ways to style a bed if you have the basic building blocks (i.e., euros, shams, coverlet, duvet, throw, etc.). I always encourage people to get playful with their bed layering. I like to add my duvet as the top layer because it is the first thing I will shed on those unexpectedly warm nights of early fall.

FG: How do you change curtains to reflect the season?

BD: Seasonally swapping curtains is such a great way to give your whole home a refresh. I love hanging light, semi-sheer curtains in spring and summer; then in the fall and winter, I swap them out for heavier textiles such as cotton and velvet. One of my favorite things to do is double up on curtains for a more textured effect.

FG: How can you layer lighting?

BD: Adding lamps in unexpected places is my favorite. Placing small lamps on a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity where there is already overhead lighting adds unexpected, cozy warmth.

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