Ashley Brooke’s 5 Easy Steps For Styling Your Coffee Table

A coffee table is more than just a place to rest your mug in the morning. Yes, it’s a functional surface, but it’s also an opportunity to express your personal style. And if there’s one person who knows style, it’s Ashley Brooke, the Orlando-based editor and creative director behind the lifestyle blog Ashley Brooke Designs. Ashley is a coffee table styling expert, thanks to her background as an interior and graphic designer. Read on for her five easy tips for making your coffee table look like it popped right out of a magazine.


Start with the table

When choosing a coffee table, Ashley says it’s important to keep both style and function in mind. “We chose something classic and sturdy to anchor the room, but with drawers for all our odds and ends, like TV remotes,” Ashley says.


Add a Base Layer

Once you have a table, layer on a couple of trays and a statement coffee table book. Choosing trays in differing sizes and colors will help keep the look unique and add more visual interest. Just remember not to go overboard on accessories, or you won’t be able to use the table surface. 


Layer on Some More

Layer in accents like a few smaller size books, your current read, a decorative jar and a bowl. “No coffee table is complete without a scented candle and beverage coasters, ’’Ashley says,’’ They’re both equally important.”

“No coffee table is complete without a scented candle and beverage coasters.”


Add the Finishing Touch

Add a final flourish that you can refresh as the seasons change, like fresh or faux flowers. “I like to rotate flowers on my table to keep things feeling not only fresh, but season specific as well,” Ashley says.



Relax and enjoy! (Cuddly couch companion optional, but encouraged.)


My favorite room in the house is …
The living room! I love this little space.

My go-to design tip is to …
Always look to add character to a space. Whether it’s with flowers or a collectable, make the space yours!

The best coffee table book in my opinion is …
Garden Inspiration by Charlotte Moss. My husband gave it to me as a gift, and it’s still one of my favorite things!

A night in isn’t complete without …
Comfy pajamas, wine, popcorn and a movie!

When it comes to tea or coffee …
Coffee, always coffee!

My signature emoji is …

? … It works for everything.

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