Whether you are a die-hard lover of all things neutral or could live your best life beneath a rainbow, color in any amount is always a good idea. It adds an extra dash of dimension and joy wherever it appears. The best way to figure out how much color in a room is right for you? Experiment!

A Little …

Start with just a little bit of color in light pastel tones like blush, periwinkle and sky blue. These subtle touches will still add a bit of contrast to a neutral color palette without making too much of a splash. The addition of these tones in wall art, decorative pillows or accent pieces like vases, will liven up your space without going overboard.

A Lot …

Feeling more adventurous? Pair a neutral foundation, like a couch, with bold pillows in richer colors such as coral and blue to make a room really begin to pop. Add an accent chair in a more muted tone to bring a bit more color into the equation. Turn up the volume on a piece of wall art with saturated hues, and you’re set for visual harmony.


Ready to go bright? No color is off limits when it comes to embracing the bold. We love a funky accent like the yellow Soho Swivel Chair, paired with coffee table decor in primary colors to really wake up the room. Why not add a tropical palm frond to keep things fresh? Whether you paint the walls a rich jewel tone, or add more color with a work of art – go big or go home.

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August 27, 2018