Styling Faux Plants with Lush to Blush

When luxury travel and lifestyle influencer Megan Elliott of Lush to Blush first moved into her new home, she was eager to make it her own.

“I got lots of beautiful furniture and accent pieces, but besides a few housewarming gifts, I didn’t have many plants,” Megan writes in her blog. “I decided to get a few trees since we have three outdoor spaces. I learned very quickly that I don’t have the green thumb of my fantasies, and I can kill a plant like nobody’s business. … Then it hit me: Faux plants were the answer!”

We partnered with Megan to bring pops of green and florals to nearly every room in her home, breathing life into each space with plants that won’t require weekly resuscitation.

Front Porch

It’s all warm-weather energy on Megan’s front porch. With pops of blue and lush faux florals, what could be more welcoming? The star of the show is our Potted Lemon Tree. After all, what says spring or summer better than a lemon tree?

Back Porch Balcony

“My large outdoor balcony was always meant to have a Bali/tropical theme, so I was very selective in choosing the right plants for this space,” Megan writes. “Bali was one of (partner) Ryan (Aaron)’s and my favorite trips, so we wanted to recreate that unique vibe at home.”

She brought the vacation home with our Sanseveria Plant, Small Palm Tree, Star Succulent Plant in Grey Planter, a grand Phoenix Palm and, of course, touches of teak furniture that scream Bali.

Dining Balcony

For outdoor dining, Megan went full English garden party. “One of the first things we did was add a faux plant wall on the railing,” she writes. “The railing is black and not the cutest, so I just had to cover it. Not to mention the fact that it provides some chic privacy!”

The whole space came together thanks to our New York Botanical Garden Alix Trellis Collection, Brighton Bar Stools, Teak Farmhouse Bar Table, Potted Lemon Tree and Blooming Mixed Hydrangea in Ming Vase.

Dining Room

Inviting the tropics into the home became a recurring theme, including into the dining room. A show- stopping Phoenix Palm finds balance paired with a tabletop vase of faux hydrangeas. We love how elements of her English Garden marry seamlessly with the feeling of a tropical retreat.

How do you bring the green into your home when plant parenting isn’t really your thing? Show us your favorite faux looks by following @frontgate and using #frontgate to share your photos.

Images by Ryan Aaron Photography.