How to Turn Your Home Into A Resort

Have you ever been on a relaxing vacation, luxuriating in the cozy bathrobes, soaker tubs and room service and thought to yourself, “I never want to leave?” You’re not alone. While we can’t bring all the trappings of a luxury vacation to your door, we can give you a few tips and tricks for creating that sense of relaxation and retreat right in your own home. Think of it as a great way to extend your vacation spa time and feel like you never left the resort.


The Best Night’s Sleep of Your Life

Get the most out of your shut-eye by investing in hotel-quality linens that will make you never want to leave your bed. Egyptian cotton sheets are known to be one of the world’s finest textiles, thanks to its silky-soft hand feel, breathability and high thread count. Add layers with the Resort Egyptian Cotton Thermal Blanket. Then, pile on the cozy down or down alternative duvet and pillows for a sleep that will make you feel like you’re in the clouds.


Little Luxuries

Whether it’s chocolates on the pillow or a pair of slippers in the bathroom, the little luxuries are what make a true resort experience. We love the idea of investing in a comfy cozy bathrobe to make your home feel more like a spa you never have to leave. Our Resort Plush Robe & Slipper Set is an essential for at-home relaxation and can even be monogrammed for a personal touch.


Ambience, Ambience, Ambience

You can bring the atmosphere of a retreat into your bedroom or master bath with simple sensory touches that make a big impact. The glow of scented candles or the soft scent of an essential oil diffuser will help transport you to your favorite escape without stepping a foot out your front door.


Textile Bliss

Five-star hotels have nothing on our Resort Cotton Bath Towel Collection. Lofty, thick and absorbent, these spa-quality towels and mats are crafted from pure, 100% long-staple Turkish cotton and made using a zero-twist process that plumps and stabilizes the yarn by revealing more of the cotton fiber. The result? Best. Towels. Ever.


Final touches

To make your space truly feel like an at-home resort, we recommend bringing in a little bit of nature to breathe life into the space. Whether it’s a delicate potted orchid, or sprays of fresh eucalyptus hung from your shower head (the steam releases their soothing fragrance), sometimes the final flourishes make the transformation of a room complete.

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