Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff’s West Village Garden

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

All of New York-born interior designer Sasha Bikoff’s designs revolve around one word: balance. Her art teeters somewhere between mid-century French designs and Art Deco revival. Juxtaposed between the ever-familiar characteristics of New York City metropolis and stylistic intrigues from abroad, she cultivates an unmistakably identifiable result. After studying at George Washington University and American University in Paris, Bikoff launched her professional career at Chelsea’s Gagosian Gallery. She now operates her own interior design firm, Sasha Bikoff New York. Creating inspiring spaces that mirror her clients’ lifestyles and passions, she seeks to turn clients’ houses into homes full of individuality. We sat down with Bikoff to learn how she designed her West Village garden space in Manhattan.

Frontgate (FG): What made you want to become a designer? How long have you been in business and what was your journey like getting there?

Sasha Bikoff (SB): I have been in business for 11 years. I have always loved interior design and was very influenced by my grandmother who was such a tastemaker. It wasn’t until I moved to Paris in college that it became a real passion of mine. I worked in the contemporary art world after I graduated for four years and then left to start my own firm.

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

The Teak Rectangular Farmhouse Dining Table sets a striking scene. Photo credit: Chris Mottalini.

FG: People have been spending a lot more time at home the past three years. How has this lifestyle change impacted your work as a designer? What have you seen clients wanting more of?

SB: I have seen a lot of clients moving out of cities, opting for more space closer to nature. Interiors have also become more personalized and more unique. I’ve noticed clients are considering the idea of creating experiences rather than a basic home.

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

At the head and foot of the table sit Bowery Arm Dining Chairs. Photo credit Chris Mottalini.

FG: What element should every outdoor space have?

SB: Every outdoor space should have a proper floor plan with furnishings that offer a variety of different lifestyle moments. Outdoor spaces should allow for a combination of intimate gatherings as well as larger get-togethers. Outdoor spaces should focus on enhancing the magic of nature through design.

FG: What’s the biggest design mistake you see people make? How do you fix it?

SB: People tend to throw around outdoor furniture with no rhyme or reason. It’s important to consider the exterior space as a blank slate that allows you to get creative. It’s equally important to think about how the space will be enjoyed during the day versus into the evening and how that transition might affect the layout.

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

Photo credit: Chris Mottalini

FG: How do Business-to-Business programs like Frontgate’s make your job easier?

SB: Clients want fast and efficient solutions, and the customer service Frontgate offers makes those dreams become a reality.

FG: How would you describe your inspiration for the space?

SB: While my patio area is small, my main goals were to have meals on and to work at the table, so this setup accomplished both. I wanted a classic New York City vibe, so I chose black and white striped cushions and teak chairs with the lattice detailing because of their charm.

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

The lattice detailing of the Bowery Dining Side Chairs adds immense visual interest. Photo credit: Manuel Rodriguez.

FG: How did Frontgate’s selections help to create this concept?

SB: Frontgate has a wide array of options and styles. Ultimately, I went for something classic and charming to fit the West Village aesthetic. The fabric selection was great, even having custom options – as a designer I am always looking to customize pieces for projects to fit my needs.

FG: Favorite piece you used in the space and why?

SB: I love the Bowery Dining Chairs because of the lattice detailing.

Frontgate Design Spotlight: Sasha Bikoff

Rounding out the West Village aesthetic are the Resort Stripe Black Cushions. Photo credit: Manuel Rodriguez.

FG: What is your go-to design tip for clients that sometimes surprises them?

SB: Be fearless and confident with design; if you love something then own it!

FG: If you’re going to invest in one piece to refresh your clients’ space let it be ________

SB: A great rug.

Follow Bikoff on Instagram @sashabikoff.

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