Multitaskers: Serveware for Other Uses

While there’s a special feeling when pulling out your treasured serveware to prepare for a dinner party, there’s something to be said about putting these loved pieces to use more regularly. And when your serveware is as beautiful as our Amelie Servers, you’ll want to display more than just appetizers and desserts at family gatherings or on holidays.

We got creative and came up with a few unexpected ways to use your Amelie Serveware for multiple occasions.


Turn your centerpiece decor up a notch – whether on a coffee table, kitchen island or dining table. You can give your design height and dimension by incorporating serveware. We love the idea of incorporating your favorite candles with lush plants or botanicals to give your arrangement added visual interest.

Tiered Cocktail Tower

Want to throw a party even Gatsby would envy? Stack your serveware to create a tiered drink display. Treat guests to a pre-mixed drink, artfully displayed in tiers. You can enjoy spending time with friends and family without worrying about playing bartender. The mimosa bar at your next brunch will have your guests looking for ways to recreate it at their own parties.

Vanity Tray

Let your self-care investments shine. A vanity tray doesn’t just help keep your perfumes, jewelry or bath accessories organized, it acts as a display to showcase the beautiful details they bring. The resulting artful arrangement elevates your space and everyday routines.

While we’ll never stop using our Amelie Serveware to display canapes, appetizers and desserts, it’s always exciting to mix things up. Do you have creative ideas for how to use serveware? Show us by following @frontgate and tagging your photos #frontgate. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!