Frontgate Forecast Spring 2023: Seasonal Trends We Love

Frontgate Spring Trends

For spring 2023, the world of design is embracing nature in all its forms. The past several years have prompted us to reconnect with the world around us in search of a way to alleviate some of the weight we’ve all been carrying. Bringing nature into our homes grounds us and heightens our sense of connection to the majestic outdoors. Drawing inspiration from earth’s elements, we’re breaking down our favorite spring trends that will be taking over homes this year.

Elements of Water

There’s no denying what a powerful force water is, and our need to cherish and preserve it is more apparent now than ever. Water brings a level of motion and contentment that has the ability to instantly put us at ease. The emphasis of water’s value in today’s culture is now influencing interior design. Homes are dappled with elements that honor water’s color, shape and movement; we’re seeing deep aqua textiles, scalloped detailing and soft undulating curves. Mimicking water’s ripples, marbled elements swirling with aquatic hues are also popular.

Living Homescapes

In search of new ways to make homes more adaptable, consumers are pursing innovative, modular solutions wherever possible. Requiring little to no attention and boasting exceptional durability, faux plants are perhaps the most overlooked movable design element. This spring, we’re seeing plants take center stage in the world of design. They’re serving as movable walls, allowing us to create nooks for privacy and natural transitions between spaces. They’re being used to define small “rooms” within large spaces like patios, living rooms and kitchens. We’re also seeing them used as a way to draw the eye to areas we want to emphasize, such as lining walkways and framing front doors.

Outdoor Function Meets Indoor Style

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then there is certainly some mutual adoration between our indoor and outdoor spaces these days. In just about every way imaginable these spaces are pulling inspiration from each other. Living rooms, home offices and even kitchens have made their way outdoors. We’re resting in luxurious daybeds, preparing full meals and entertaining guests outside, achieving a sense of ambiguity in all areas of the home. Clean lines and light and airy fabrics have been taken outside, while durable, resilient materials have been brought inside, and we don’t see this element of duality going anywhere any time soon.

Buy It for Life

With an unsettling amount of furniture ending up in landfills, we’re all understanding that buying furniture that stands the test of time is not only a good investment for our homes, but for the planet. Everyone wants style, but consumers are now seeking style that lasts; after all, style is cyclical. We want better quality and long-lasting products that leave less environmental impact. Buying products made from solid wood, sustainably sourced materials and expert craftsmanship are ways consumers are practicing this principle. By slowing down the life cycle of our goods, we accelerate our appreciation for the products we have, as well as the planet.

Tactile Appeal

Raw imperfections in stone, natural wood grains and pillowy-soft textiles: Consumers are searching for products that invite touch. Sensory experiences are flooding our homes; we’re seeking textural variation that is both appealing to the eye and to the touch, from authentic materials that make us feel connected to nature to silky-smooth fabrics that make us want to cozy up, we want textural variation that is both appealing to the eye and to the touch. Look for earthy sediments like smooth marble and gritty clay finishes. And don’t be afraid to mix these textural elements together; the result will be a visually interesting, organic look.

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