Summer 2023 Trends We Love

Frontgate 2023 Summer Trends

In true summer fashion, this season’s biggest trends are light, bright and playful. As we embrace the carefree way of life summer brings, those feelings are being reflected in the design of our homes. Spirited decor is making waves in addition to designs that were made with consummate craftsmanship. We’re breaking down what to look for this season.

Color Gradient

This captivating gradient in color is making an appearance in and around our homes, coinciding with the brighter days summer brings. Ombré is achieved when a single color gradually transitions from dark to light, either horizontally or vertically. The result is a striking water-colored effect. Depending on your intended impact, ombré usage can be bold, covering an entire wall or textile; or subtle, taking the form of glassware and artwork. Ombré allows you to experiment with those shades you perhaps felt were too bold to make your room’s primary palette. This modern trend is ideal for the warmer months when we begin to embrace the pops of color that are all around us.

Artisan Crafted

There are pieces of furniture that are beautiful and functional, and then there are those that have a story to tell. These pieces weren’t just produced, but rather they were crafted – artisan-made products that showcase their painstaking quality in every nuanced detail. The multi-step process it took to craft the sofa that is soft as a cloud. The perfectly imperfect details shining through hand-carved wood. The patina that was carefully aged until it reached the pinnacle of beauty. These unique elements celebrate the artistry and make a product worthy of being an heirloom. For this very reason, consumers are seeking anything with meaning and crafted with an artisan’s hand.

Woven Wonders

Coastal chic is in – and what exudes seaside style more than meticulously woven designs? Whether rattan, jute, cane or wicker, woven materials flood a space with depth and dimension. Even non-traditional materials are being woven; we’re seeing leather and various metals manipulated to embrace this latticed form. These designs double as artwork, with their stunning craftsmanship and awe-inspiring intricacies. Lending texture and warmth, woven materials are equally at home indoors and out. They are especially popular outdoors because of their strength and durability.

Playful Touches

Now is the time to take your home decor a little less seriously. After years of additional time spent at home, we’re all realizing that the objects that surround us directly affect our moods. This has brought a growing demand for accents that stand out, make us feel good and that double as conversation pieces. Consumers are introducing unexpected whimsy – those small details that take a piece from ordinary to extraordinary – into their everyday designs. We’re seeing this in the form of decorative tassels, scalloped edges, unexpected shapes of tables and lamps, and unconventional materials. Anything with extra embellishment, charm and personality defines this trend.

Soft Contours

More shapely designs are here. Furniture and decor showcasing sumptuous curves and contours is a trend that is here to stay. Rounded corners and circular elements have a soothing and warming effect, juxtaposing the angular lines more commonly found in our spaces. They increase the flow of a space while also mimicking the look of movement. Curves can even be used to introduce a focal point; in a room full of sleek, angular lines, a rounded piece will catch the eye by offering some much-needed relief from the conventional. While products with soft fluidity can be found both inside and out, curvaceous touches are particularly at home outdoors as they allow pieces to blend with the organic contours of nature.

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