Two Trees Are Better Than One: Here’s How to Do It

Never is the saying “the more, the merrier” more true than the holidays. More guests, more cookies, more decorations – it all adds up to more magic. And one way we get our “more” in this time of year is multiple trees throughout the home.

The best way to pull this off is with coordinated ornaments, tree stems and ribbons from tree to tree. Not only does this create a styling through line from room to room, but it also means you can mix up the decorations from tree to tree to create a fresh look each year.

If you’re decorating multiple trees in your home, we have but one rule – make sure one tree stands out as the star. (Santa needs to know exactly where to deliver the gifts, after all.) Whether you start with a set or two of our ornament collections and layer accent ornaments on each tree to create distinct but synchronized looks, or use the same mix of ornaments across two very different trees (think a traditional fir and a snow-covered pine), guests are sure to be impressed by your holiday display. Here are just a few coordinated tree looks to get your own festive tree ideas started …

All That Glitters

Using our Gilded Radiance Collection as a start, this look brings gold, glitz and glamour to the living room with a 9 ft. Noble Fir full-profile tree. A coordinated, smaller tree in the dining room accentuates the glam nature of a golden look with the addition of a sparkly trimmed ribbon spread throughout the tree.

Shiny and Blue

If non-traditional is your style, this is the look for you. Not only are both trees covered in ornaments in shades of blue from our Noel Bleu Collection, but the secondary dining room tree is also housed in an oversized Ming-inspired planter. Plus this tree features the addition of red as a pop color in the palette for a further twist.

A Shimmering Sight

The versatility of our Frosted Nights Collection stands out here in not one … not two … but three (!) trees. The symmetry of matching trees flanking the fireplace provides a real wow-worthy moment – and is also a smart idea for large families. With everyone able to find a spot by a tree, unwrapping presents becomes a memorable moment for all (and every photo will have a stunning backdrop!). In the entry, a smaller and less decorated tree provides a hint of what’s to come as soon as guests arrive.

We can’t wait to see how you create coordinated tree looks this holiday. Follow us @frontgate and share your photos using #frontgate to spread the cheer.