With every season, new design themes emerge to inspire fresh takes on everyday style, and the holidays are no exception. As we look ahead to winter, macro-level trends will shift the consumer mindset as it relates to holiday shopping, entertaining and decor. The tumultuous economic landscape of the past year will elevate the desire for comfort within our homes. A refreshed longing for nostalgic details, classic icons and a general sense of serenity and well-being will inspire holiday design and decor. Our team at Frontgate is breaking down our favorite winter trends and their influence on decorating your holiday home.

Timeless Retro

As a throwback to simpler times, decor that celebrates tradition will be on the rise. The basics are back through color, prints and materials reminiscent of past decades. This season features vintage nods such as tartan patterns, amaryllis motifs, iconic figurines and ceramic decor. Jolly Santa references appear to remind us of the holiday festivities of our childhood. Classic Christmas expressions blend with heirloom-inspired items to conjure feelings of nostalgia. Familiar reds and greens are displayed in richer renditions to create a warm and homey feel.

Sweet Appeal

This winter, we’ll see an increase in unexpected icons offering a whimsical alternative to the season. Our favorite execution of this trend is a playful homage to sweet decadence, with dessert-inspired detailing. The theme of this confection trend is sugar plum dreams mixed with an air of sophistication. Homes will see hints of swirling peppermint, bejeweled faux fruit accents and shades of rich honey and amber (and even bee motifs). Ornaments, wreaths and more will carry this indulgence through the home, both inside and outdoors.

Nature’s Bounty

We’re seeing the natural world used as a source of inspiration in every design element – even extending to holiday decor. This theme revels in the simplicity found organically. The season celebrates long needle greenery, velvety lamb’s ear and eucalyptus with berry accents for a vibrant pop of color. Giving off a light, airy look, these nature-inspired designs offer a fresh take on traditional holiday greenery. Mossy textures and turquoise hues lend subtlety, offering a softer approach to the classic red and green style. When executed, the result is an ethereal symphony.

Classic Modern

While the midcentury trend is not new in furniture, it is now gaining popularity in the holiday world. Mixing eras to infuse the essence of timeless and modern creates a contemporary playfulness. Unconventional color palettes will return. We’re seeing the resurgence of olive green and pastel pink. Bright and bold shades mix with metallic finishes for a statement-making scene. Creating a mosaic of items with eclectic charm is the objective of this aesthetic. Nutcracker figurines, starburst designs, wavy shapes and tinsel offer a dose of the whimsy needed to achieve this look.

Glacial Glamour

As colder months make their way in, we’re encouraged to lean into hibernation season. Chilly themes that reflect the serene scenes outside our windows will be at play this winter. Decor resembling ice and snow marry palettes of arctic blue, light lilac, angelic white and sleek silver. Glass and high-sheen accents help bolster the overarching theme. Celestial elements add emphasis to the dark and cozy effect. Frosted and mirrored detailing are paired with soft lighting to enhance the aesthetic. The resulting ambience leverages a sophisticated palette to create an enchanting holiday environment.

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