Transform Your Sleep

Luxury and wellness come together in the Canyon Ranch Collection by Frontgate … products thoughtfully curated to help you create a soothing and comfortable environment for a truly restorative night’s sleep—one where you awaken refreshed and reenergized. “The best sleep environment is one where senses are being honored,” says Param Dedhia, M.D., director of sleep medicine at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. “It’s a sensual experience that helps you get into your body and leave the day behind. Think dim lighting, soothing scents, and textures and temperatures that feel good to you personally.”

The Canyon Ranch Collection makes it easy for you to design a personalized sleep experience. “The richness of this collection is what makes it so wonderful,” says Angie Day, corporate spa director at Canyon Ranch. “The high-quality materials and natural ingredients engage your senses and transform your nighttime routine into a meaningful experience—one that nourishes your body and your spirit.”

A Soothing Bedtime Routine Begins with an At-Home Spa

It’s vital to have a soothing bedtime routine, one that helps you transition from a busy day to a restful night. “The ideal sleep environment isn’t limited to the time you’re in bed, it’s also the time leading up to it,” Dr. Dedhia says. All the things you do before you go to sleep—from taking a shower to applying moisturizer to resting your head on the pillow—can become deeper experiences that allow you to relax, reflect and take time for yourself. Bath time is a wonderful opportunity to set the stage for sleep. “A warm bath or shower can help induce deep sleep,” Dr. Dedhia says. “It’s also a special private time you can have just before bed.” Whether you’re relaxing in a bath or practicing a bedtime meditation, enjoying the beauty of candlelight during a time of solitude can be very powerful. The tranquil, soft glow of a flame can help calm both body and mind, and tune you into the present moment.

“Our bodies respond to our environments. Our internal world resonates with our external world.”

“Our bodies respond to our environments,” Dr. Dedhia says. “Our internal world resonates with our external world.” Our Canyon Ranch Candles, offered as pillars or in a ceramic candlepot, emit soothing aromas, like lavender, to help you unwind and feel at ease. The Red Flower Gift Set includes a comforting Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Candle plus a unique combination of products to use in the bath that exfoliate, detoxify and moisturize skin: The Moroccan Mint Tea Silt Purifier, packed with antioxidants, calms irritation and extracts impurities from your pores; the caffeine in the Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub, which you can apply with the Sea Wool Sponge, helps to break up cellulite and constrict varicose veins; the shea butter base of the Tangerine Fig Butter Creme is ultra-hydrating.

As you step out of the shower or tub, soothe and comfort your skin with Turkish Cotton Spa Towels. Wrapping yourself in the silky softness of the Turkish Cotton Honeycomb Robe makes you feel like you’ve just finished a spa treatment. “Turkish cotton is an essential part of why these products feel so good—its extra-long fibers make it strong and comfortable,”. Emerging from the evening bath is even more pleasurable when the experience includes the Canyon Ranch Marble Countertop Collection. Handcrafted from the finest natural stone, these pieces soothe the senses and feel cool to the touch.

Transitioning to Sleep—Make Your Bed a Place You Want to Be

In designing premium bedding for our collection, we gave particular attention to temperature—an important component of restful sleep. Our exclusive Wool-Down HALO™ bedding, which includes our Wool-Down Comforter, Wool-Down All-Seasons Blanket and Wool-Down Featherbed, is a cloud-like, all-natural fill that blends resilient New Zealand wool with lightweight, hypoallergenic European white goose down. Wool’s inherent wicking abilities help you maintain a more consistent temperature year-round than with down alone. Wool also holds its shape better than down feathers alone, a key benefit of our Wool-Down Pillows. “The right pillows can help your body find comfortable alignment,” Dr. Dedhia says. “The firm wool-down fill provides an extra level of support that is rare to find.” Our pillows come in three densities: medium, firm and extra-firm. For those who mainly sleep on their back, the medium pillow comfortably supports the head and body. For side sleepers, a firm or extra-firm pillow gives the additional support that the head and neck require to align the spine. Stomach sleepers often benefit from no pillow or a soft pillow that places the least tension on the neck and back.

Param Dedhia, M.D.

“Make your bed a place that you want to be,” Dr. Dedhia advises. As you lay your head down to sleep, take in the stress-relieving scent of the Pillow Mist and the Lavender Pillow Insert, which simply slips into your pillowcase. “Lavender is a world famous, time-honored, soothing smell,” he adds.

“Make your bed a place that you want to be.”

Most of us sleep better in darkness, and the luxurious Silk Eye Pillow, filled with French lavender and flax seed, gently settles onto your face to block unwanted light. Both the Silk Eye Pillow and the Silk Sleep Mask feel smooth and cool to the touch, and the mask features a comfortable elastic strap to keep it in place over the course of the night. Whichever products you choose, make sleep a personal experience that you truly enjoy, encourages Day. “That’s what creating an ideal sleep environment is all about—feeling good while caring for your body and your soul.” Dr. Dedhia adds, “This collection is about honoring the idea that a good night’s rest is an important opportunity for living your overall best life.”

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