Frontgate Collection Stories: Lazy Day

At Frontgate, we believe each room in your home should tell a story. A carefully designed space shaped with pieces that are inspired by your unique lifestyle – your travels, your experiences, your passions. We want to help our customers create thoughtfully curated rooms that spark joy, curiosity and a dynamic sense of discovery. It’s why every piece we make starts with designers who are passionate about beauty, craftsmanship and comfort. It’s this passion that drives us to offer exclusive designs – furniture collections that not only tell a story, but also include distinct pieces you won’t find anywhere else. And now we’re sharing those stories with you.

Meet Lazy Day

Introduction: Designed for comfortably relaxing in the water, each item in our Lazy Day Collection is crafted of double-sided mesh fabric filled with soft, buoyant beads for maximum comfort.

Inspiration: Driven to establish a pool collection that encourages lounging for hours on end, we created Lazy Day. With its range of options, aquatic-inspired hues and cradling comfort, this collection is all the permission you need to have a carefree day in the sun.

Why You’ll Love It: With the Lazy Day Collection, there is no need for inflation by air pumps and no worry of puncture. Filled with buoyant beads, Lazy Day is crafted to stay afloat without the chance of deflating. Offering body floats, pool seats, noodles and more in an array of colors and patterns, this collection has something for everyone.

Not Just Stylish, but Functional: Each product in the Lazy Day Collection is crafted with exceptional durability in mind. Covered in a double-sided mesh fabric, and filled with the perfect amount of soft, buoyant beads, each piece in the collection resists water, stains, fading and mildew.

One of the most versatile pool floats around, our Convertible Chaise is designed to be used in the pool either as a long, lounging chaise or as a plush, floating chair by folding the footrest under and zipping it in place. It even has an integrated cupholder at hand no matter which configuration it is in. The Pool Seat features a supportive back rest and a built-in handle for easy transporting, and – so your favorite drink is close at hand – a pocket-style cupholder. Doing double duty, the Lazy Day Ottoman serves as both a footrest while floating and a four-beverage drink holder, so there’s no need to get out of the pool for a refill.

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Lazy Day

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