Which St. Kitts is right for you?

If you’re a fan of our St. Kitts Seating, you’re in good company: The collection’s natural beauty has proven so popular that we’ve added a second version.

One is classic. The other a bit dramatic. But which one is right for you? It all depends on how you’d like to style your outdoor living area.

Original, sustainably harvested teak

Our original St. Kitts Collection has a solid foothold in traditional style, owing to its weathered teak construction and slatted-top tables. Yet, look at those clean lines and wide planks: They have roots in modern design as well. Together, these influences convey a transitional look that complements nearly any style, and can even help balance out your aesthetic.

Say your modern-leaning space is feeling a bit cold: The classic wood will warm it right up. Or maybe your outdoor seating has gone a little too traditional: In this case, the clean lines will nudge it toward the contemporary.

But if you’re looking for a more dramatic shift in your style, consider our new St. Kitts Collection in powdercoated aluminum.

Sleek, rust-resistant aluminum

While it has the same clean design as the weathered teak pieces, this aluminum version has a matte black finish that makes a bolder statement.

In the case of truly minimalist spaces, the substantial frame, thick cushions and deep seats bring welcome weight. This high-impact look might be right for you if you’ve dipped your toe into modern design and are ready for a bit more immersion – without going overboard. The familiar angles of the seating will keep you anchored near your comfort zone, yet the black finish and elements like waterfall-edge tables will introduce contemporary drama.

Ultimately, both the classic teak and sleek black aluminum collections are timeless options – offering high-resiliency cushions, incredible weather resistance and easy maintenance. And, both are available in modular configurations with several solution-dyed acrylic fabric cushion options, so you can customize them to fit every aspect of your outdoor living space.

It’s a lot of choices, we know! That’s why our design experts are happy to offer free virtual consultations. Just click to get started with your design consultation.

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