One Collection, Three Looks: How to Transform Your Space

From earrings to shoes, accessories can transform the look of an outfit – and your mood. And the same holds true when it comes to outdoor seating. With a new pillow here and a different end table there, you can easily shift the vibe of your outdoor living space.

Need inspiration? Here’s how we used accent pieces to style our Small Vista Modular Collection to fit three different outdoor styles.

Urban oasis

If you give the eye a place to rest, the body and mind will follow. OK, maybe that isn’t an old proverb, but it should be. Whether “home” is nestled in the city or sprawling in the country, clean lines and interesting shapes create an oasis of urban cool.

Start with minimal colors and patterns. Here, snow-toned upholstery pairs with a whitewashed finish on the Aria Accent Stool and a cream base on the Harper Wicker Storage Coffee Table. Just two pillows have simple patterns, and the design on the Elysia Outdoor Rug is so muted you might miss it if it weren’t for the soft aqua color.

With this subdued base in place, add intrigue through accents with geometric angles, natural materials and a hint of midcentury modern style. To keep the look clean yet livable, opt for pieces with concealed storage, like the aforementioned Harper Coffee Table.

Effortlessly eclectic

An effortlessly eclectic look has a certain allure that can make any outdoor space feel a little breezier. The key to creating this well-lived yet curated aesthetic? Accessories that draw inspiration from around the globe and across the ages.

In this ensemble, classic elements like an urn-shaped planter and a Greek key motif are balanced by the worldly vibes of medallion-patterned pillows. And the organic texture on the base of the Edgewood Coffee Table is juxtaposed with the geometric angles of the Henley Accent Stool.

With so many references, it’s important to tie it all together through color. Here, the navy-and-white palette is as relevant to the yacht club as it is to ancient tilework.

Garden fresh

You can transform your outdoor living space into a vibrant garden setting that never needs weeding or watering. (Three cheers for faux plants!) Just look for patterns and materials that celebrate the art and joy of gardening.

Here, a trellis-patterned rug in soft earth tones winks at its plant-based roots, while a chinoiserie design hints at the Chinese origins of the garden stool. For added authenticity, choose accents like a coffee table made of teak – a hardy wood long associated with potting sheds – and a weathered terracotta planter that looks like it has housed generations of potted perennials.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget a pop of garden-fresh color – provided here through an oversized (and on-theme) butterfly print and emerald green pillows.

Time to accessorize

When your decor needs a refresh, just trade out a few accessories: It’s nearly as easy (and fun) as buying new shoes. Now that you’re ready, shop our assortment of decorative accents, and cultivate a brand-new look.

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