3 Ways To Style Your Entryway

As an airy space to greet guests or place of purpose for your family, your entryway deserves more than the standard lamp and console table. Here are three ways to give it new life.


When it comes to making a small space look big, oversized wall art gives the illusion just as easily as the old mirror trick.  Here, we opt for our Indigo Night Oil Painting to capture the dynamic energy of high tide on the coast. Extend the gallery theme and display your favorite collections, books, shells or ceramic vases, on a table accented with upholstered stools.

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To get the most function out of your entryway, why not have it double as a service station? Able to hold both wine and cocktails during a grown-up gathering and candied sweets on Halloween night, bar cabinets help you welcome every type of guest, year round.

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Whether they’re dropping off a package or just dropping by to say hello, guests will enjoy the comfort a loveseat provides, no matter how brief their visit. Bonus: You can enjoy a quiet place to rest or read the paper while basking in the natural light of your foyer.

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September 1, 2017