Designing Your Nesting Nook

While open-concept floor plans make for a free-flowing and communal home, they provide little opportunity for personal space. People are increasingly carving out private spaces for calm and quiet. Designating a dedicated space where we can take time for ourselves to read, knit, listen to music or simply be still, can ground and rejuvenate us. With the growing focus on wellness and self-care, creating space for emotional escapes in our own home helps promote greater healing. Whether it be music rooms, tiny libraries, meditation pods or fitness spaces, these personal nooks allow us to be more present with family, friends or colleagues when the time comes to socialize.

Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book, the daily paper or maybe a sudoku puzzle? Creating a reading nook can be as easy as moving your favorite chair to a corner that’s away from the main flow of household activity. Take it up a level by styling with soft, plush textiles – a fluffy blanket and a pretty pillow. Set a reading light on a small table or place a floor lamp alongside. Corner chairs aren’t the only way to go – the options are endless: make a reading nook with a modular bookcase; take a second look at that space under the stairs; add a rocker to that four-season room; or utilize window benches by layering pillows and blankets for a seat with a view. The options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect reading recess.

The split between working from home and going to the office can make us feel like we’re not firmly rooted in either place. If you don’t have the square footage for a dedicated office – or you’re just looking for a change in scenery, then carving out a cozy, secondary space can be a great alternative to refocus your mind. Consider a secretary desk that provides multipurpose storage and style without taking up the whole room. Stock the desk with office supplies, a favorite candle and extra power cords to keep the space functional. Add a comfortable accent chair that can be easily moved and position near a window for plenty of natural light. Selecting a room with a door ensures limited distractions.

You’ve earned an emotional escape, a restorative destination just for you. A wellness-focused nook that celebrates self-care and healing – with a design to match. If you have limited space, consider a comfortable ottoman for meditation and reflection. If you’re looking for a more luxurious design, anchor your bedroom around a vanity, where you can prioritize beauty and self-care. Either way, add a basket to store relevant accessories like a yoga mat, styling tools, journal or blanket. Make sure to incorporate plenty of lighting and add a smart home speaker to provide calming music or your favorite podcast for the perfect spatial soundtrack.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need some alone time with your favorite cocktail or wine. No matter the beverage of choice, creating the perfect destination for your serene sipping can make all the difference. From the bistro table on your front porch to the game room high-top, curating your at-home cocktail lounge has never been more fun. Make sure to set the mood with soft lighting and music to help you relax. Keep plenty of drink accessories in close proximity – and don’t be surprised if you need an extra seat for a thirsty guest.

Nesting Nooks are just one trend we’re embracing this fall. To learn about more design trends impacting the season, check out Frontgate Fall Forecasting.