Frontgate Fall Forecast: Seasonal Trends we Love

Many factors influence each year’s seasonal trends. 2022 has seen overarching themes centered around lifestyle shifts that were ultimately triggered by the pandemic – inspired by the response we saw in retail, restaurant and hospitality environments that are now influencing our homes. We are accepting the changes these past years have brought and embracing a new way of life in our everyday space. We’re breaking down our favorite fall trends that will inspire you to cozy up inside and out this season.

Color Connection

We have all spent a little more time making our homes feel like sanctuaries, flooding us with feelings of ease and contentment; as such, neutral colors have taken over our walls. This fall, pops of color are making their way in to break up that neutrality. Indigo, olive green, burnt orange and blush tones make the perfect addition to muted designs. While they play a supporting role, they allow a calming color palette to take the spotlight. No matter the shade, we’re loving the fresh pop of color from these bold additions.

Nesting Nooks

We sleep at home, work from home and socialize from home. These days, open-concept floor plans leave much to be desired. We’re craving separation and seclusion within our space —pockets that are just for us. As a result, designated areas for peace and quiet have become increasingly popular. These can be an under-the-stairs space turned retreat, a carved-out corner for quiet meditation or even a window seat saved for book consumption. No matter the use, the motto here is the cozier the better. A plush chair, fluffy blanket and small table can effortlessly turn any old space into an ultra-comfy nook. To learn more about how to carve out your perfect space, check out our blog on Designing Your Nesting Nook.

Bliss & Balance

With all of life’s stressors, we should look to our homes to envelop us in comfort. Rather than focusing solely on how a design looks, we are now concerned with how it makes us feel. We are creating sensory experiences to induce feelings of calm and are welcoming design elements that evoke such feelings. Rather than harsh edges, we’re opting for rounded corners and oval mirrors. We’re breathing in aromatherapy candles and wrapping ourselves in velvety-soft faux fur.

Our bedroom suites are the perfect destination for practicing this level of self-care and are making “me time” much more attainable.

Stay In, Go out

We’ve learned a lot over the past few years and the popular trend of bringing the indoors out continues to evolve. In response to the ingenuity showcased by commercial brands regarding dining, entertaining and shopping during the pandemic, we’ve become inspired to test the limits within our own backyards. Embracing that all-inclusive experience, we’re doing just about everything in our backyards now. They’re our secondary living rooms, holiday gathering spots, movie theatres, kitchens and even yoga studios. So don’t hold back when it comes to your backyard’s capabilities; simply think of it as a blank canvas waiting to serve up a good time.

The New Living Room

Gone are the days when the rooms in our homes were dedicated to serving a single purpose. Offices by day are now guest bedrooms by night. We want style and function and there’s no reason we can’t achieve it. Embracing a hospitality mindset, we’re bringing the concept of dayparting home. Creating long-term flexibility to provide short-term functionality (all while keeping style front and center). Shut your laptop and curl up with a good book or finish your workout and pour yourself a drink — all in the same room — because who says you can’t have it all?

August 26, 2022