Design with Frontgate: A Small Bedroom Gets a Big Makeover

Ashley Brooke Design with Frontgate

The bedroom of lifestyle blogger Ashley Brooke had confounded her for years. “It’s not very large, and we needed it to give us a lot: dresser space, a vanity space, and, of course, a bed,” said Ashley. “I had just totally given up.”

But when Ashley underwent a series of renovations to her home’s floors, kitchen and bathrooms, the time had finally come to tackle the bedroom. She enlisted the help of Frontgate’s complimentary Design Services team to help.

“After meeting with the Frontgate Design Services team, sharing my pain points, along with photos, I felt like after years of frustration, we might be on to something,” said Ashley.

While she loves a trend, Ashley found herself drawn toward more classic styles with a touch of new charm. Cozy and familiar became the name of the game.

Ashley Brooke


Ashley loved our Raleigh Canopy Bed and opted to remove the canopy, then flanked it with two mirrors from our Darcy Mirror Triptych.

Focal Points

It all started with the bed. Finding something she absolutely loved was key. After all, sleep is the main purpose of a bedroom and the bed is the focal point of the space. Ashley fell in love with the Raleigh Canopy Bed, and the design plan took off from there.

The Woodland Giclée Diptych helped set the color palette for the space. The art offers a neutral base but with pops of blush, pale green and soft blues that anchor Ashley’s vision.

woman seated at vanity

Utilizing the Duxbury Transforming Console as a vanity was the perfect solution to the bedroom’s space limitations.

Maximizing Space

With square footage in short supply, the team had a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

To help make the space feel bigger and brighter, table lamps set in front of tall vertical mirrors were brought in. With storage an ever-present issue, our Giorgio Nightstands were up to the task of providing extra sets of drawers.

But the biggest issue was Ashley’s vanity space. She was in desperate need of a better set up (and a bit of downsizing of her makeup collection). After searching high and low, the Duxbury Transforming Console fit the bill.

“This little vanity space has changed my mornings,” said Ashley. “It’s so tiny, but so lovely!”

bedroom vanity

Ashley enjoys the classic style and cozy charm of her newly designed bedroom.

Coming Together

“The room ended up coming together so nicely,” said Ashley. “It’s bright, and warm and calming…everything I was looking for.” If there’s one thing she learned throughout the process of working with Frontgate Design Services, it’s that two sets of eyes are better than one.

The room ended up coming together so nicely. It’s bright and warm and calming…everything I was looking for.

“When you’ve been living in the space for so long, and it’s always been set up one way, sometimes it’s really hard to see another way,” she said. “So, whether it’s a professional, a friend or a neighbor…get someone else’s perspective! You might be surprised that the solution was there all along.”


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February 14, 2022