Protect Your Investment: Furniture Covers and Cushion Storage

While top-quality outdoor furniture is designed to resist the elements, that doesn’t mean you should leave the focal point of your patio exposed to the sun, rain and wind for extended periods of time. Protective furniture covers are the perfect way to both safeguard your investment and ensure that your outdoor collections continue to look stunning year after year.


Tailored Covers

The go-to choice for design professionals, our Tailored Furniture Covers deliver unparalleled protection for your outdoor investment. Each heavy-duty cover is specifically crafted to the precise dimensions of your Frontgate furniture, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum resistance to the elements.

Universal Covers

Even if your furniture didn’t come from Frontgate, you can still protect it with the best covers on the market. Our Universal Covers are crafted with inclusive dimensions that fit most outdoor furniture and umbrellas.


Select a cover that is just slightly wider and deeper than your measurements. It’s better to go up a size than to use a cover that is too tight. A cover should, however, be slightly shorter than the height of your furniture piece, so that it doesn’t touch the ground and draw moisture up.

For seating and table covers:

Measure seating with the back cushion laid down on top of the seat cushion. Our covers are designed for use in this position, which creates a slope from the back of the seat, allowing rain to run off.

Determine the width (A) and depth (C) by measuring across the widest and deepest points. Outdoor furniture often has arms or feet that arch outward, or backs that round up. Likewise, measure the height (B) from the ground to the tallest point on the table or seat.

For combination dining-table-and-chairs covers:

Push the chairs as far under the table as possible, while leaving them completely upright.

Measure the width from the outermost point of the chair on the left to the outermost point of the chair on the right. For round tables, this is your diameter.

For rectangular tables, also take a length measurement that is perpendicular to the width. Measure from the outermost points of chairs on opposing sides of the table.

To find the proper height, measure from the ground to the tallest point on a chair.


wicker storage chests

Another option for keeping your outdoor cushions looking their best is our cushion storage chest. Simply remove the cushions from your furniture and store them away when not in use. However, when the time comes to prepare your furniture for winter, we recommend bringing your cushions into the garage or basement until warmer weather returns.

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