Hidden Purpose: Outdoor Furniture with Functionality

We promise style, comfort and durability in all our industry-leading outdoor furniture. And we can’t help but have a little fun with some bonus functionality – which you might not notice at a glance.

Our designers love hidden add-ons that provide convenience … and also the wow factor. These extras range from showstopping “reveals” to subtle, secret storage, and all should ensure you make the most of your time outdoors.

Let’s meet some of our favorites.

Baleares Daybed

The daybed itself is a study in versatility: Pull the two benches apart to create multiple seats for socializing, or push them together to create a larger lounger with a private canopy. The Latte Weave version has a party surprise: an ottoman with a hidden beverage tub. Remove the cushion, and there’s a faux-wood tabletop that raises and lowers, allowing access to the beverage tub beneath. Stock with ice, and start the party.

Pasadena Teak Coffee Table

It’s another moveable feast: Similar to Baleares, this coffee table features two sections that can be pulled out or pushed together. The two removable wedges can be moved closer to seating, meaning they’re ideal side tables for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. When pushed together, this is a circular centerpiece ideal for our rounded Pasadena Collection.

Luca Buffet Table

An entertainer’s dream at nearly 5 feet in length, this contemporary, stylish buffet table provides plenty of storage, prep and serving space. The big reveal? Beneath the top is a removable, 9-gallon stainless steel beverage tub. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the unit has a drawer and adjustable shelves inside, with enough storage for all your glassware and spirits. The bar is open!

Teak Bar Cart with Beverage Tub

Want a mobile bar? With smooth-rolling casters, our Teak Bar Cart travels wherever you need it. And it has dual panels that slide open to reveal a stainless steel beverage tub and a companion ice bucket. Each is removable for easy cleaning. The opened panels also double as sturdy serving surfaces.

Harper Wicker Storage Tables

Each of these mixed-material tables features a teak top that removes, with storage inside for a pillow, throw or other outdoor accessories. Add a Coffee Table, Square Side Table and Round Side Table to create additional surface areas and storage in your outdoor space. Consider pairing with our Harper accent chairs and stacking dining chairs, each in a range of colorful wicker options, for a cohesive collection.

St. Kitts Double Chaise

Your day in the sun should have creature comforts. And our designers have outfitted this Double Chaise with the ultimate convenience: slide-out panels on each side that function as drinkholders. You’ll find a similar pullout tray on our traditional Cassara Chaise. Cheers!

English Farmhouse Teak Expandable Dining Table

The easiest way to accommodate a large family is by utilizing this dining table’s butterfly folding leaf. It takes just one person to pull it out – stretching the table to 10 feet, so it can comfortably seat 12. This is one of our many outdoor teak tables that quickly expand when company’s coming.

Concealed features or not, all our outdoor furniture is designed to enhance your everyday life outdoors. Explore all our collections and discover the Frontgate difference.

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