Seven Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Space

Is your outdoor living area feeling less than lively? Those finishing touches that “make a house a home” also can make your alfresco space feel fresh and cohesive. Here are seven ways to perk up the style of outdoor seating and dining areas.


Just like their indoor cousins, outdoor pillows can dramatically shift the style and color story of a patio area. Mix and match from our extensive assortment, with hundreds of patterns and varying trim types. With Sunbrella fabrics that resist mold, mildew and fading, each design will stay fresh for seasons to come.


Whether your outdoor cushions are showing wear and tear or simply not matching your aesthetic anymore, you can update your seating without replacing the frames. Explore our array of replacement cushions for Frontgate-specific collections, plus universal cushions that fit most furniture bought anywhere. Layers of resilient foam and polyester elevate your comfort, while your chosen solution-dyed acrylic fabric will update your look.


In lieu of walls, rugs are an almost-essential element if you really want an outdoor space to feel like a “room.” They help anchor a seating or dining area and go a long way toward taking your style or color scheme in a new direction. Our designs are intricate enough to even use indoors, while our easy-care styles clean up with just a garden hose.


For making an outdoor area look and feel like a destination, what’s overhead is just as impactful as what’s underfoot. From a moderately sized designer canopy to a sweeping side-mount version that can shade an entire dinner party, a well-placed umbrella can provide welcome shade and send the message that this is a place to make yourself comfortable.


Just like in your indoor living room, accessories can help your outdoor space feel grounded. In addition to showcasing your style, planters and urns can function almost like room dividers, helping to define an outdoor area. Larger and taller styles, as well as groupings, work best for this purpose.


Want to see your dining table or seating in a different light, especially after dark? Just add lanterns and other ambient lighting. The soft glow will cast a warm mood and make any outdoor space feel more welcoming, day or night.


For that final pop of personality and polish, consider a tabletop or floor sculpture designed to withstand the elements. And if you’re looking for a more substantial focal point or scene-setter, our wall-mounted and freestanding fountains offer the soothing babble of water that’s so welcome in an outdoor space.

Ready to refresh your space? Showcase your style with a wealth of outdoor decor.