Three ways to Style Your Bar

When you walk into a room in someone’s home, you almost instantly get a sense of his or her personal taste. From the ceiling to the floor, every element tells you, “This is me and this is what I like!” The perfect example is an in-home bar where a bright, colorful decor would likely indicate a person who likes to drink sweet daiquiris rather than, say, someone who expertly samples smoky bourbons. By blending just a few key ingredients, you can concoct a barroom with an atmosphere that not only reflects your personality but will also help create a welcoming vibe for your guests.

Modern richness with a bit of shine

For a modern aesthetic, play off of the shiny brass accents and lines of a darkly finished bar and the rich leather on the Borneo bar stools to brighten the room. For wall art, a large beveled mirror with antiqued gold flecks will provide visual texture with the bonus of helping the room look larger. Light the room with either linear gold lamps or, for a bit more drama, a pair of spiky gold chandeliers. Finally, clear crystal glasses and decanters alongside gold shakers and bar tools will put some shine both on the bar and in your guests’ hands.

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Traditional barroom with an Asian flair

If you want a more traditional pub-style setting, keep to a darker, coordinated color scheme, and break it up with some lighter hues. Place a buffet or table lamp on each end of the bar and top them with shades that match the Kent bar stools’ leather. Select countertop accessories that work well together in small groups, such as matching vases and jars featuring dark patterns or line art. Use a dark serving tray to carry glasses, bottles, bitters and garnishes needed to concoct your drinks. Finally, use art with a light background and broad swipes of dark, bold colors – preferably featuring scenes or subjects from nature – that will tie together the colors in both the lighting and the accessories.

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Coastal calm with a breezy appeal

While swimming up to a bar might not be possible in your house, you can still create an atmosphere that will evoke the casual vibe and overall tranquility of your favorite seaside retreat. Keep the palette light with an accent color – such as antiqued gold or ocean blue – to provide a delicate highlight. A white- or cream-finished bar with Griffith X-back bar stools provides a great base, while the accent color can carry through to the bar top accessories and framing. For art, large images of the sky or seascapes rendered in pastel hues – and framed as a continuing diptych or triptych – create a faux-window effect that helps the area feel even more open. Serve drinks in clear or metal-edged glassware set on a seaside-inspired tray. Finish the scene with a pair of chandeliers that, with a breeze, may occasionally provide the subtle sound of shells gently clinking in the background.

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