Catered by You (and Our Professional Series Serveware)

When it comes to entertaining, don’t let the size of your gathering keep you from going all out. Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood cookout, a poker game with a few friends or a simple family movie night at home, our Professional Series serveware turns any event into a special occasion.

Optima Beverage Collection

Providing your guests with a variety of cold drinks is pretty much Entertaining 101, however nobody enjoys digging through a cooler full of half-melted ice just to find their favorite beverage. Our Optima Beverage Collection solves that problem by keeping drinks perfectly chilled as well as easily (and attractively) available to everyone. The Optima Beverage Tub keeps all your bottled beverages cold and within easy reach—all while keeping your countertops dry. Ideal for serving chilled sangria, cucumber water, lemonade and more, the Optima Beverage Dispenser takes beverage chilling to the next level. With an ice chamber suspended in the reservoir, all your drinks will stay cold for hours on end without dilution. And like the Beverage Tub, the base is double walled so condensation won’t build up on the outside.

Super Chill Collection

Sunny days outdoors are always better with snacks – until the foods that are supposed to be cold end up warm and unappetizing due to the heat of the day. Perfect for dips, salads, raw bars and more, our Super Chill Collection keeps food perfectly chilled thanks to a gel-based inner layer that freezes like ice and holds its temperature for hours.

Hot/Cold Collection

Need to keep some of your appetizers hot while the others stay cold? Look no further than our versatile Hot/Cold Serving Collection, which offers the best of both worlds. All of the pieces contain a thermosensitive core that keeps food the ideal temperature for up to two hours. Simply place them in the refrigerator or a low-temperature oven prior to use and you can enjoy spending time with friends and family without worrying about the food on your buffet.

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