Outdoor Furniture Covers:  A Buying Guide

While top-quality outdoor furniture is designed to resist the elements, that doesn’t mean you should leave the focal point of your patio exposed to the sun, rain and wind for extended periods of time. Protective furniture covers are the perfect way to both safeguard your investment and ensure that your outdoor collections continue to look stunning year after year. Just like the sofas, chairs and tables they are designed to protect, all furniture covers are not created equal. But how can you be sure that the covers you buy are right for your furniture? We’re glad you asked. Here are some tips for finding the ideal furniture covers to match your specific needs.

Four Questions To Ask

1. Are they water repellent? Our three-ply covers are crafted with a 600-denier polyester outer shell and a layer of waterproof PVC to ensure superior performance in searing sun, blinding rain and bitter cold.

2. Are they vented? Fresh air is the enemy of mold and mildew. We include built-in mesh vents with protective flaps on all of our covers to help circulate air while preventing water from reaching inside and damaging your furniture.

3. Are the seams reinforced? Sometimes the unseen details make all the difference. Close inspection of our furniture covers reveals that every seam is double-stitched (six stitches per inch). While this might not impact the overall look of your covers, it definitely ensures that they won’t rip apart, even after years of use.

4. Are they secure? The best cover in the world is useless if it blows away at the first sign of harsh weather. We utilize elastic edging, drawstrings, and reinforced ties to hold our covers securely in place on the most blustery days. Now that we’ve reviewed the important features, it’s time to decide which type of covers you should purchase.


Tailored Covers The go-to choice for design professionals, our Tailored Furniture Covers deliver unparalleled protection for your outdoor investment. Each heavy-duty cover is specifically crafted to the precise dimensions of your Frontgate furniture, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum resistance to the elements.

Frontgate Collection Covers For those in need of more versatility, our Frontgate Collection Covers are designed to fit most of our proprietary furniture collections — so changing styles doesn’t also require changing covers.

Universal Covers Even if your furniture didn’t come from Frontgate, you can still protect it with the best covers on the market. Our Universal Covers are crafted with inclusive dimensions that fit most non-Frontgate outdoor furniture and umbrellas.


Learn how to properly measure your existing furniture to find the best fit for your new covers with our Furniture Measuring Guide