What’s Your Home Decorating Style?

Whether you’re searching for a new sofa, rug or table, it’s important to keep an eye on the overall look and feel you’re trying to achieve in your home. Not sure what style you’re seeking? We’ve crafted a short quiz that hopefully will help you create a space that speaks to you.

1. Which best describes your typical vacation?

A. Returning to a favorite destination
B. Trying someplace new, based off recommendations from family and friends
C. Visiting a spot highly rated by travel professionals

2. What do you order at a favorite restaurant?

A. The usual
B. A dish you’ve been meaning to try
C. The entrée du jour

3. What’s your go-to evening beverage?

A. A snifter of brandy, glass of wine or cup of chamomile tea
B. Something new from a favorite distiller
C. It changes weekly

4. What’s your approach to fashion?

A. I stick with what I love
B. I like to mix new and classic styles
C. I love to be on-trend

5. What is your preference for displaying books and decorative items?

A. An illuminated hutch or wall of built-in shelving
B. An open etagere, displaying a few pieces
C. A sideboard or cabinet that keeps most items out of sight

6. How many antiques are in your home?

A. More than 8
B. 4 to 8
C. 3 or fewer



In your home, you prize a sense of familiarity that feels warm and timeless. Furniture with classic silhouettes and heavy ornamentation, storied prints like damask and toile, and sophisticated accessories – from gilded frames to Oriental rugs – all bring the orderly aesthetic you crave.



You’re energized by a transitional look that balances elements from traditional and modern styles. It’s a bit more relaxed, but no less sophisticated or curated, with simple curves and clean lines that offset the occasional traditional piece. In lieu of heavy ornamentation, accessories and prints, it’s rich textures and mixed materials that bring the interest and warmth.


Refined Casual

You want a home that feels simple and open and encourages the eye to rest on a few select focal points and luxe materials. Although this style incorporates the curved lines of transitional furniture and even vintage silhouettes from decades ago, the overall aesthetic is crisp and modern but nonetheless inviting.

So which style are you feeling? Share your #Frontgate favorites with us on Facebook and Instagram.

September 25, 2020