Modular sectionals: 4 arrangements that solve design dilemmas

It’s difficult to overstate the benefits of modular seating collections. Made up of several components, they’re designed to create a sofa sectional that perfectly suits the dimensions and use of a room.

While there are countless configurations possible, let’s look at four basic layouts that solve common interior design woes – from maximizing seating to eliminating awkward and unused square footage.

1. The perfect-length sofa

It can be utterly deflating when a traditional two- or three-seater sofa fits the layout of a room but not quite the length. Modular seating solves this dilemma. Just start with left-facing and right-facing one-armed chairs and add armless chairs between them until the fit is just right.

2. The corner hugger

Because sectionals combine multiple seats into one large unit, they’re inherently space-saving. A corner-hugging configuration expands on that benefit, transforming an unused corner into coveted real estate and maximizing open floor space. Here, a corner chair is flanked by armless chairs and finished with right- and left-facing chairs on each end.

3. The elongated “L”

This expansion of the five-piece “corner hugger” configuration is ideal for rooms that have nooks, a long and narrow footprint or other irregular dimensions. Adding armless chairs along the room’s longer wall can extend seating into space that might have otherwise been wasted or felt excluded. Depending on the dimensions, even an awkward bump-out can become part of the seating area, by housing the shorter side of the “L.” A bonus: This configuration can be done with the longer end of the “L” pointing in either direction.

4. The U-shaped maximizer

Even large rooms can feel seating-deficient if they draw a crowd or invite laid-out lounging. (Theater rooms, we hear you.) Created by combining two “corner huggers,” a U-shaped arrangement maximizes the potential seating (or sprawling) area in any given space. Just don’t forget to add a coffee table, ottoman or console tables for drinks, remotes and other essentials.

Beyond these benefits, any of these configurations can be positioned to serve as a room divider, which is particularly useful in open floor plans. Yet their modular nature also means sectionals are built for adaptation. Simply add, delete or rearrange the components to create a new layout or fit a new room.

Ready to maximize your space? Shop our modular sectionals and see what arrangement works best for you.