Eight Outdoor Holiday Decorations Your Neighbors Wish They Found First

The annual unofficial Battle of the Holiday Yard Decorations is upon us, and there are plenty of ways to turn heads without spending hundreds of hours stringing an elaborate, tangled matrix of light strands. We offer many high-quality holiday decorations that not only provide an enticing holiday eyeful, but may also develop a makeshift line of people wanting to stop and snap a few selfies.

We’ll begin with a few impressive suggestions… and end with the real holiday eye-catchers.


48" Christmas Cheer Wreath with Red Bow

This classic Christmas wreath is packed full of faux greenery peppered with red berries and real pinecones. It glows with 300 warm white LED lights, but what will really make people stop and take an extra look will be the sheer size of it… an impressive four feet in diameter with a large red bow, making other outdoor wreaths feel tiny in comparison. You might even need a bigger door. There are also two smaller sizes available – 24" and 30" – so you can coordinate all your windows and doors.


Christmas Cheer Swag with Cascading Lights

Part of the same collection as the wreath above, this lush swag is also crafted of faux greenery with red berries and real pinecones. It’s so realistic, people will hardly be able to tell the difference. It has 50 warm white LED lights, but it is the cascading lights that will mesmerize everyone who sees it. It’s cordless and also comes with a lovely red bow. Speaking of mesmerizing…


Meteor Lights

If a dazzling light display is what you’re looking for, then our Meteor Lights will bring your decorations to the next level. Three strands offer hundreds of 12-channel LED lights with seven lighting effects, allowing you to create a theme park-quality display that becomes even more impressive with each set you add.


LED Spritzers

Bring the stars down to Earth with our twinkling LED Spritzers, available in three color options and three different sizes. Each one can be fanned out into a sphere for a cool 3-D effect, flattened to hang against a wall or even twisted into different shapes.


Outdoor Gemstone Tree

Entirely draped in 2,700 crystals and 2,800 LED lights, our 6-foot-tall Gemstone Tree is a sparkling marvel that becomes an attention-grabbing centerpiece the moment you turn it on. You can also position and curl the branches to achieve just the right look (including creepy curls for Halloween).


Santa in Chair with List

Sitting 4 feet tall and made of all-weather resin and stone composite, this life-size Santa is checking over a glowing list of gifts, reminding kids that they probably want to be extra nice this year. Guaranteed to provide extra holiday sparkle, he’s been handpainted with non-fading metallic paint and adorned with strategically placed colored lights.


LED 9 ft. Giant Nutcracker

Standing a little taller than 9 feet tall, this all-weather giant nutcracker is hand-finished with metallic paints and outfitted with 50 colorful LED lights so it looks amazing day or night. It’s so tall, everyone looks like a tiny elf next to it… and they will certainly want to get close for a family photo or a few holiday selfies.


Motion-activated Labrador

While a dog wearing a Santa hat and a wreath is pretty darn cute – and a great way to greet passersby – we’ve kicked it up a notch with motion-activated effects including flashing lights, Christmas songs, friendly barking and a wagging tail that go into action as soon as someone comes close.

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