Frontgate Festive Flair: 3 Types of Tree Stylings

With every season, new design themes emerge to inspire fresh takes on everyday style, and the holidays are no exception. As we look ahead to winter, macro-level trends will shift the consumer mindset as it relates to holiday shopping, entertaining and decor. The tumultuous economic landscape of the past year will elevate the desire for comfort within our homes. A refreshed longing for nostalgic details, classic icons and a general sense of serenity and well-being will inspire holiday design and decor. Our team at Frontgate is breaking down our favorite winter trends and their influence on decorating your holiday home.

Curated Classic

Even the classics can benefit from an update. This theme breathes new life into the familiar Christmas color palette we all know and love by sprinkling in surprising elements. By incorporating new takes on traditional reds and greens, such as ruby and olive, and pairing them with gold accents, the festive display takes on a curated approach. This styling pulls in hues found around the room to create a cohesive seasonal scene.

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Timeless Modern

Mixing classic festive elements with sprinkles of contemporary touches, this playful style is a twist on tradition. Bursting with jewel tones and dappled with unconventional materials, this tree is an eye-catching display. Berries and faux flowers cascade from top to bottom. The vibrant palette extends down to the tree skirt to tie the look together. There’s no need to stray entirely from convention here; instead, use it as a way to add some more trendy elements. Go for an eclectic look mixing old and new.

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Refined Casual

For those who prefer a subtler look (while still reflecting the glamour of the holidays, of course),this look is for you. A more laid-back style takes on a sophisticated approach in this holiday expression. Silver accents swirl around this tree’s light and ethereal palette. Textured ornaments help to break up the monochromatic look while solid and patterned ribbons reinforce this theme. A polished refinement is balanced by the soft colors and effortless feel.

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