How To Make Your Overnight Guests Feel Right At Home

Your invitation was accepted. Their bags have been packed. You’re welcoming overnight guests into your home and want to make sure they have a comfortable and memorable stay. Whether they’re in town for the holidays, a special occasion or just to catch up, we have a few tips that will guarantee your company leaves hoping for a repeat visit.


If you don’t have a formal guest room, an inflatable bed provides all the comforts of a traditional bed and can be discreetly stored when not in use. Have the bed made in advance and layer bedding so your visitors can adjust warmth levels to their liking. (It’s also wise to leave extra blankets and pillows in plain view so guests can easily spot them). Lay out plenty of towels and washcloths, along with other toiletries they may have accidentally left behind (think soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.).


If your guests will be staying for more than a night or two (or if they’re in town for a formal occasion), clear out room in a closet to hang their clothing. A luggage rack is a nice touch that lets guests quickly access their luggage and its contents and can easily be stored alongside your inflatable bed post-visit.


Providing a place to set personal belonging like rings and cell phones is always a nice gesture. Take it to the next level with our folding Cirque Side Table. Easy to pop out when guests arrive, it features a handy USB plug for charging. Deck it out with a candle and flowers to show you’ve put extra thought into their stay. A supply of snacks, water and magazines will keep early-risers (or night owls) occupied if they worry about disturbing the rest of the house, or even if they’re just looking for a little solitude during their stay.



While some planned meals and activities will likely be scheduled, leave open time for guests to relax, recharge or explore on their own. Draw up a short list of nearby cafes, parks or shops they might enjoy and leave it with a welcoming note at their bedside.

September 13, 2017