8 Reasons You Need a Performance Rug

A rug is the base canvas of a room, acting either as the foundation for a specific aesthetic or as the background that quietly ties the room together. And it takes quite a beating. The constant foot traffic, furniture, kids and pets all eventually impact your floor.

This is where a quality performance rug comes into play, offering the perfect balance between form and function, beauty and utility.

Below are eight reasons you’ll want long-lasting, performance area rugs that will not only look great but will also quietly – and constantly – work for you.


They look great (and provide a versatile art element)

An area rug is essentially a large piece of art that goes on your floor. The pattern, colors, texture and even the size can either make a rug the baseline artistic element or help bring together a room’s existing decor.

A large rug with a beautiful pattern, for example, can be used as the room’s focal point, driving the overall look and determining how it will be decorated.

A smaller rug or one with a less dramatic design can help define a more intimate space, accentuating other elements in the room.

And, of course, an area rug isn’t permanent, so you can simply swap it out at any time for a new or different rug whenever you want a new look.


They reduce noise

As with almost any textile in a room, an area rug will naturally absorb and dampen sounds, cutting down on echoes and noises both within a room and to the room below it. Adding a carpet pad further increases the sound absorption.

Henley rug


They create a more comfortable surface

While hardwood and tile floors look great, they can be a bit tough on your feet over time.

An area rug is an easy way to soften any floor, cushioning footsteps and reducing foot, leg and joint fatigue. Rugs can also act as a bit of a temperature barrier, providing a warmer surface for bare feet than an uncovered floor as well as creating an additional layer of insulation.


They provide a safer surface

Rugs also provide a bit more texture to what might otherwise be a slippery floor, which translates into fewer accidents. A finished hardwood floor, for example, may be great for the occasional power slide, but it can become a daily accident issue for kids and pets who frequently run through the house.


They help improve air quality

Believe it or not, rugs and carpeting act as a passive air filter, trapping a lot of dust and pollen that would otherwise float freely through the air. The quick-dry, anti-moisture qualities of the synthetic fibers in performance rugs also prevent trapped allergens from thriving, which can become an issue with organic materials. Regular cleaning removes the allergens, which, for a performance rug, is nice because…


They’re easy to maintain

The synthetic fabrics and construction of a performance rug are designed to resist stains, so spills can be easily blotted out, and dirt can be brushed or vacuumed off. While deep stains may require professional help, performance rugs are easy to maintain through regular vacuuming. This prevents dirt and allergens from building up and keeps the colors coming through.


They last longer

Speaking of colors, performance rugs are also designed to resist fading. Natural fibers wear down and tend to fade over time, especially when used in bright, high-traffic areas. With a performance rug, however, your favorite hues and detailed patterns will look just as great in five years as they did the day you unrolled the rug onto your floor.


They protect the floor

In terms of simple utility, a performance rug can help protect a precious hardwood floor that would be scuffed and worn down over time. When used under furniture, a rug prevents scratches and other damage that can be caused by table and chair legs. It will also take the brunt of wear in high-traffic areas and stop spills from reaching – and staining – precious wood floors. And, because it is a performance rug, it will do all that while maintaining its great looks for years.

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