Design Spotlight: Bedroom Fit for a Parisian by Courtney Moss

Courtney Moss

Atlanta-based designer Courtney Moss has a flare for the eclectic. Living by the words of fellow designer, Bunny Williams – “if you love it, it will work” – Moss has a style that is a patchwork of antique pieces sewn together with modern touches.

Moss’s designs are rooted in style, comfort and a dash of the unexpected. Through her firm, she works with clients to establish and infuse a sense of personality into their homes.

Working closely with our Trade Program, Moss gave her own bedroom a Paris-inspired makeover, and the final product was recently featured in Atlanta Magazine. We sat down with her to learn about the design process, as well as her journey along the way.

FG: What inspired you to become a designer? Tell us a little about the process getting there.

CM: Growing up, I loved helping my mom design our home and especially getting to help create my own bedroom scheme. We were always scouring antique stores for neat finds, which initiated my creative journey. After college, I moved to Atlanta where I was fortunate enough to work for a hometown designer, Kay Fuller, who had a shop on Miami Circle. Kay pushed me to think outside the box and be confident in my design choices. Kay also had a love for antiques and unique design elements which further piqued my interest. About five years ago, I opened my own firm – Courtney Moss Design – here in Atlanta, with a focus on creating “traditionally eclectic” interiors.

FG: People have been spending a lot more time at home the past two years; how has this lifestyle shift impacted your work as a designer? What have you noticed clients wanting more of?

CM: These past few years have actually been great for my design business as people have been focused on creating spaces they want to spend time in. As we have had to spend more time at home, clients consistently ask me for more color (which is a signature design trait of mine). I have found clients wanting to make their homes more personable and cozier, while also creating conversation around the design elements (pulling in neat art, travel photos). Giving homes a story has also been a focus!

Whitby Canopy Bed

FG: What element should every bedroom have?

CM: A pop of color! Whether that is the paint, a piece of art or an interesting rug, there should always be some element of color to help add visual interest.

FG: What’s the biggest design mistake you see people make? How do you fix it?

CM: People tend to want to stay in their comfort zone but always regret it — it is my job to push people to think outside of the box and try new things with design. Not being experimental is one of the biggest mistakes I see, but it can also be easily fixed. I also see people make the mistake of buying too many items at once in an attempt to bring a space together quickly rather than waiting for the perfect piece.

FG: How do trade programs like Frontgate’s make your job easier?

CM: Trade programs like Frontgate’s make the shopping and sourcing process of design so much easier because there are dedicated professionals there to help with pricing and procurement. I have also reached out to the design professionals of these programs to ask about other options when my first choices haven’t been available.

FG: Was there a specific ask from the client regarding the concept of this space? How would you describe your inspiration and concept for the space based on the client’s needs?

CM: This space is actually my bedroom. I had just gotten back from a trip to Paris when I dreamed up this design. I wanted to use pink as the color of the walls, but a sophisticated, grown-up version. I also had several pieces of art and fabric that helped to inspire the space. The Whitby bed was the icing on the cake to help pull the concept and details together. It transported me back to Paris and created the feminine retreat that I was aiming for.

FG: How did Frontgate’s selections help to achieve this concept?

CM: The search for a bed is a not an easy one. I had seen the Whitby Bed featured in a few other spaces I loved and thought the craftmanship and curved detailing were just what I needed. I also wanted a canopy bed, and this fit the bill.

FG: What is your go-to design tip for clients that sometimes surprises them?

CM: “If you love something, it will work.” I think this surprises people because they feel design must adhere to a certain formula, however, sometimes the best designs are a result of spontaneity, and from meaningful pieces acquired throughout the years. Not planning every design step is the best way to get the collected feel that we all love in our spaces.

Whitby Canopy Bed

FG: If you’re going to invest in one piece to refresh your client’s space what would it be?

CM: Art, every day! Art brings so much to a space—color, creative energy, and is always a conversation starter.

To check out Moss’s projects and capture a glimpse of her design journey, follow her on Instagram at @courtneymossdesign.

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Photo Credit: Marc Mauldin (@mm_photo_inc)

August 5, 2022