The Wonders of Performance Fabrics

You’ve done your research, shopped for your style, and found the statement pieces for a beautiful living room. Now how about making it livable?

The last thing you want is a museum space of look-but-don’t-touch seating. Performance fabrics will protect your sofas and chairs from spills and stains, giving peace of mind while your family and friends enjoy comfortable furniture.

With performance fabrics, performance leather, solution-dyed Sunbrella™ and Crypton, it’s worth noting how these dynamic fabrics make everyday living easier.

Easy Entertaining

No more white-wine-only nights, and no need to hold your breath as guests dangle dip from a cracker. The stain- and water-repellent treatments on performance linen and Sunbrella® acrylic bond to the fabric, and an applied coating protects the performance leather. This means liquids bead up and stains can’t penetrate… so red wine isn’t a worry.

Kid- and Pet-friendly

Children and pets are accident-prone, but performance fabrics withstand wear and tear and are easy to clean. And our performance leathers are specially finished to resist the scratching and staining that can occur on natural leathers.

Let There Be Light

Tired of the ritual of drawing the blinds each day? Let the sun shine in. Sunbrella® fabrics are 100% solution-dyed for fade resistance and colorfastness, and our performance leathers are treated to resist fading and color variation that natural leather can experience over time.


Performance-treated upholstery ensures your beautiful investment will last for years to come. Plus, the protective nature is specially made so that it never needs to be retreated and won’t lose its stain-resistant capabilities.

With an array of fabrics, colors and patterns available, you don’t need to choose between furniture that is practical and stylish. Breathe easy … and welcome your kids, pets and pinot noir back into your living room.

Learn more about each fabric type in our Upholstery Guide.

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