5 Places You Need An Outdoor Rug

pool and patio

Outdoor rugs not only bring a layer of visual interest outside, but they also help define spaces, creating “rooms” that feel just as comfortable and livable as the ones inside. Our outdoor rugs are crafted from special materials that are mold- and mildew-resistant and won’t fade in direct sunlight. Plus, they’re easy to clean with a quick spray of the hose. Whether your outdoor space is a backyard with sprawling acres or a small balcony, a weather-resistant rug grounds the area.

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The Outdoor Living Room

Nothing makes a room more cozy than a rug – so why should your outdoor living room be any different? With a sofa, coffee table and accent chairs, you’ll have all the creature comforts of indoor living but under the sun in the fresh air.


The Outdoor Dining Area

Grounding your outdoor dining area with a rug will make the space feel welcoming and lived in. Just make sure that all of your chairs fit comfortably on the rug, even when pulled out. That’s how you’ll know you have the right size. (For tips on purchasing the right size rug for your space, check out How to Choose the Right Rug For Every Room – the general rules still apply in the great outdoors!)


The Pool Deck

If you’re blessed to have a swimming pool right in your own backyard, then you know certain types of stone and tile can get very hot in the summer sun. Protect your feet as you sunbathe the day away by placing an outdoor rug beneath your lounge furniture.


The Porch

Small spaces can bring big style, and adding a rug to the look will not only protect the porch, but will also act as an extension of your indoor living space. Marry a rug with your interior style, or mix things up with something a little more fun if you’re feeling adventurous.


The Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone enjoys the clean and stylish look of outdoor rugs – even the chef! We particularly love the idea of placing them in the middle of an outdoor kitchen to make meal prep feel a little more enjoyable.

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