Outdoor Decor Tips

Look for outdoor decor that lends extra charm to your outdoor room.

How to Incorporate Luxury Outdoor Decor

You don’t cut corners when it comes to decorating your home, so choose the best outdoor decor for your deck, porch, or patio as well. A sizeable weather-resistant rug will define and anchor a seating area. Plus, it offers bare feet cool relief from sun-baked patios and decks and an undercurrent of color.

Large candelabras, lanterns, and exterior lighting systems help set the mood after sunset. Decorative fireplaces and fire pits are a hit with people of all ages, especially because they cast a cozy glow while providing warmth on chilly evenings. Don’t let a blast of frigid air send the party indoors; have an attractive patio heater on hand to ensure captivating conversations can continue well into the evening.

Design for all your senses. Planters or decorative urns filled with lush, aromatic greenery will help define a space while artistic elements such as statues and sculptures with interesting details increase visual interest.

For added privacy, erect an attractive fence, pergola, or trellis with verdant ivy. Our patio umbrellas provide privacy as well as a cooling respite from the sun’s rays and up to 98% UV protection.

The soothing gurgle of a rejuvenating water feature helps block out traffic sounds and other disturbing noises. Bird baths, houses, and feeders invite the sweet songs of feather friends.

For a put-together look, match your entertaining necessities to your decor. Look for serving pieces, glassware, and other party supplies in coordinating colors or design themes. It’s the little touches that create a complete, enjoyable outdoor retreat.

Maximize Your Comfort with Outdoor Furniture Cushions

You spend lots of time designing the interior of your home; the same should be true when it comes to your outdoor living area. Outdoor cushions are a simple and easy way to add style and color to a deck, patio, or front porch.

When selecting an outdoor cushion, look for hues and patterns that complement colors already in your space. Consider plantings, furniture materials, and the color of your home. Bright colors and lively motifs offer visual interest and create a fun space. For a more serene feeling, select cool blues and greens or warm earth tones. If you have a great view, keep fabric tones subdued so as not to compete with the vista. Outdoor spaces are often connected to indoor spaces by large windows or glass doors. Be sure to choose cushions and furnishings that complement your interior décor.

Our decadently soft and supremely durable cushions are constructed of weather-resistant Sunbrella fabrics and stuffed with comfortable, supportive polyfill.

Before ordering replacement cushions, we recommend measuring the seating area. Manufacturer’s printed dimensions generally refer to the outermost measurements of the furniture, not the seat. Below are some tips for obtaining accurate measurements:

  • Measure the width from side to side across the front of the seating area, between the arms
  • Measure the depth from the front of the seat to the back of the seating area, or where the seat and back meet


Knife-edged Chair Cushions

17″ sq. x 3″H 19″L x 18″W x 3″H 21″L x 19″W x 3″H

Tufted Chair Cushions

17″ sq. x 3″H 19″L x 18″W x 3″H 21″L x 19″W x 3″H

Deluxe Double-piped Chair Cushions

17″ sq. x 3″H 19″L x 18″W x 3″H 21″L x 19″W x 3″H


Knife-edged Chaise Cushions

Two pieces: 31″L/46″L x 23″W x 3″H 80″L x 26″W x 3″H

Tufted Chaise Cushions

78″L x 23″W x 3″H 80″L x 26″W x 3″H

Deluxe Double-piped Chaise Cushions

78″L x 23″W x 3″H 80″L x 26″W x 3″H

Bask in the sweet sunshine all season long on a calming pool float.

Refresh with Our Pool Floats

Our pool floats are specifically designed to provide unparalleled support and nearly unsinkable buoyancy. Thick layers of closed-cell foam keep you perfectly balanced and on top of the water’s surface. The exquisite flexible foam will not become brittle or succumb to cracking. It’s also light-weight enough to make transfer from the pool house or storage area a breeze.

Contoured headrests, and in some cases armrests, make our floats the most versatile, decadent, and relaxing available. Keep extra on hand for guests and summer soirees. And don’t forget to keep your pool accessories organized and in excellent condition by investing in a hanging float rack.

Our outdoor rugs feature premium construction, select material components, and discriminating designs. They will stand up superbly to all weather conditions without worry of mold or mildew, and easily rinse clean with a hose.

Outdoor Rugs Weather the Seasons

Define your open-air entertaining space with an unexpected appurtenance. An outdoor rug is the singular accessory capable of anchoring and completing a seating area. Interior rugs add panache indoors, and in much the same manner, outdoor rugs provide the extra polish that sets your space apart from the neighbors.

When selecting a rug consider color, texture, design, and size. Lighter hues are appropriate and barefoot-friendly for areas that receive tons of sun. Brighter pigments are suitable for shady nooks or neutral spaces in need of visual interest and color. Material composition and pattern add dimension. Select a sizeable rug to unify a large area. Choose a smaller mat for petite spaces or to segment larger settings into several cozy seating areas.

Solar lights are energy-efficient and require little maintenance. Special sensors engage the LED lights at sunset, removing the burden of remembering to turn them off and on daily.

Brilliant Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a sophisticated way to embrace the “green revolution” without sacrificing style. Proper and dignified lighting enhances the outward appearance of your home and increases your security. Plus guests will appreciate a bright pathway to your front door as well.

Our solar lights are far superior in both performance and construction. We use only select top-quality materials in fine finishes, and lenses that provide clear, brilliant light. Each solar light provides hours of pleasing illumination and backup batteries ensure a warm glow even on Overcast or rainy days.

Outdoor lamps or lights are especially inviting and attractive around backyard entertaining space, gardens and pool areas. Solar lights project an adequate amount of light but are not so bright as to take away from your overall ambiance during evening gatherings.

Our patio umbrellas are expertly crafted to ensure they will remain perfectly balanced at any point of expansion. We select only top-quality materials and lift mechanisms, and we offer a wide selection of vivid Sunbrella canopy fabrics that are engineered to resist fading and staining, and deliver 99% UV protection.

Patio Umbrellas for an Outdoor Oasis

Enjoy spending more time in your outdoor oasis by keeping the sun’s powerful rays at bay with a distinguished patio umbrella. Our umbrellas are generously sized to provide ample coverage, and come in an assortment of frames and fabric options certain to fit your entertaining needs.

The range of spectacular hues means you’re certain to find just the right color for your space. Our frames are constructed of only the best caliber timber and metals, specially designed to withstand high winds on blustery days.

Besides adding a punch of color to any seating arrangement, an umbrella can also help define the space. This is especially important in large yards, or for creating multiple conversation nooks. Variable tilting mechanisms mean you and your guests will remain cool and shaded as the sun crosses the sky.

April 30, 2012