Outdoor Maintenance Tips

Door mats serve more than a utilitarian function. The style and design you select creates a certain ambiance.

Door Mats that Show Dirt the Door

From the moment they arrive at your front entry, door mats establish your home as a welcoming respite for family and guests alike. Your door mat is your first opportunity to instill a sense of welcome and hospitality. It should be a representation of your home, your style, and yourself.

Our distinctive mats are a reflection of refined style and excellent taste. They stand up to rugged use with graceful elegance, trapping dirt without sacrificing appearance. We choose only exceptional materials that are certain to resist staining, fading, and abrasion. Let us personalize select mats for an additional touch of sophistication.

Our outdoor furniture covers feature heavy-duty, water-repellant material, reinforced ties, and vent flaps to prevent mold and protect against high winds.

Protect Your Investment with Patio Furniture Covers

Protect your outdoor entertaining investments year-round with our superior patio furniture covers. Keep dust, dirt, leaves, animals, and debris at bay with an attractive cover. Unlike cheap-quality versions, our product is superior in construction and protective qualities. Lesser models are prone to mold, mildew, and cracking in the cold.

Be certain to measure your furniture accurately to ensure proper fit and avoid rainwater pooling. We choose only polyester linings to guard against rodents and pests, which are attracted to the slow-drying fleece linings of lesser products. Our covers are also tastefully appointed and will maintain their aesthetic integrity for many seasons.

April 30, 2011