Your Picture-Perfect Porch

Your Perfect Porch

While many have been focused on perfecting the backyard oasis in recent years, fall is the perfect time to upgrade your curb appeal and prioritize that front porch glow-up. Create a festive first impression with these seven tips to turn your entry into a picture-perfect porch this autumn.


Extend Your Entry

If your front porch has limited square footage, let your decor extend past the front stoop. Line the walkway leading up to your door with planters, topiaries or potted trees. For autumn, add lanterns and festive accents like gourds, pumpkins or mums for a dramatic entry experience.


Add a Nesting Nook

To optimize your picture-perfect porch, include a cozy seating area. Whether you’re getting kids on the bus, looking for a cozy spot to read or just enjoying the fall colors, a front porch destination is a great way to extend your living space. Consider adding a bistro set, a pair of rocking chairs or even a daybed to enjoy those crisp autumn days. And don’t forget to add a garden stool or accent table for your wine glass or coffee mug!

Your Perfect Porch


Back-To-School Backdrop

As the start of school returns, consider creating a porch that perfectly frames those back-to-school photos. To optimize your backdrop, add seasonal garlands around your door or frame out the sides with taller greenery. A vertical display will give you the visual impact you want while keeping the kids front and center.


Layer the Look

An easy way to signal the changing of seasons from summer to fall is to showcase layering. Consider doubling up your doormats. Have fun mixing and matching a larger base rug with a smaller welcome mat. The contrast will add texture and interest and make your space seem larger. You can also layer a blanket and festive throw pillows on your favorite entry chair, bench or porch swing.

Your Perfect Porch


Floral Frenzy

Instead of adding just a single planter by the door, increase the visual impact with a layered planter vignette. To create the look, choose planters in varying heights and shapes, and fill each with one or two types of flowers to achieve a bold, yet sophisticated design. Keep the look cohesive with planters in a similar color or material.


Seamless Seasons

Consider designs that allow you to transition seasons gracefully. Utilizing neutral-colored decor or timeless florals like magnolia leaves as your base creates an understated, natural look that is perfect for fall. As the season progresses you can easily introduce pops of color with flowers, lights or greenery that will make your entry feel festive in an instant.

Your Perfect Porch


Symmetrical Style

When in doubt, make it match! Symmetry creates balance and brings harmony to any entry way. Frame your door with matching topiaries, and finish off with a wreath and doormat for a simple, yet sophisticated look.

Your Perfect Porch

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