Fall 2023 Trends We Love

Move over light and airy; ’tis the season for warmer, cozier homes. As many of us prepare for chillier days spent indoors, we slowly transition our decor to reflect the changes occurring outside our windows. Frontgate is breaking down this fall’s biggest trends to inspire your autumnal home.

Luxe Textiles

Fall decorating is in full swing. If you needed another excuse to hunker down, cozy textiles are here to give you some extra encouragement. Hibernation-worthy materials including silk, velvet, bouclé and cashmere are being found everywhere in the home. Sumptuous fabrics are draping consumers’ beds, covering furniture and even lining rooms as window coverings. Incorporating these textiles is a simple but highly effective way to warm up homes and combat the fall chill.

Customizable Collections

Gone are the days when all furniture was stationary. Consumers are pursuing flexibility in their furniture. They want collections that can be presented whole, broken up or rearranged in a configuration better suited for their space and entertaining needs. Perfect for small spaces and those rooms serving more than one function, this type of multitasking furniture allows for more intentional buying. Modular and customizable collections also allow you to assign dual purposes to your rooms. For example, a guest room can quickly become a home office with a sleeper sofa or modular desk. And a living room can be transformed by separating a u-shaped modular sectional into two independent sofas. The possibilities are endless.

Statement Lighting

No longer playing just a supportive role, lighting is now making a statement for all to notice. Often considered the jewelry of a room, lighting has a way of putting an exclamation mark on any design, even serving as a space’s focal point. This lighting trend is not the time for minimalism; it’s an opportunity to display dramatic pieces. Made from unconventional materials and with grand proportions, these pieces double as works of art. Oversized pendants, chandeliers that shimmer and sculptural table lamps are all part of the striking trend that is here to stay.

Textured Metals

Whether just a detail in a larger fixture or a piece in its entirety that shines with gentle luster, metals are bound to catch anyone’s eye. The compelling way light hits metal makes it appear ever transforming and reflective. A major trend now is giving texture to metal pieces for all the visual interest you didn’t know you needed. This is being expressed by way of twisting and bending to give depth and dimension. Metal is also being manipulated to take on the look of different materials such as wood grains and being perforated to let light illuminate all its angles.

Burl Wood

Resulting from an imperfection in the wood’s grain, burl wood’s natural swirling detail is something to celebrate. The distinctive marking imparted from a type of stress is what makes burl wood so unique. This rare imprinting brings just the right amount of character and warmth to an otherwise timeless material. A way to elevate one of the most common materials found in homes, burl wood blends traditional and modern styles, effortlessly adopting any aesthetic. These pieces have stories to tell and will prompt everyone to stop and ask about the origin story.

Casting Mood

A highly contrasted design is a well-balanced design. For this reason, darker, moodier colors are laying the foundation for the rest of a room’s elements. Not only are these richer hues stunning on their own, but their high contrast also lets other stunning pieces shine – such as metallics and burl wood – without competing for attention. Consumers are reaching for dark ambers, stormy blues, deep olives and chocolate browns. These shades are serving as wall colors, are covering furniture and accent pieces and are the perfect accompaniment to autumnal designs.

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