The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Lighting is one of the most thought-out elements within our homes. However, when it comes to our outdoor spaces, lighting tends to be overlooked. Outdoor lighting enhances the natural beauty of a home and allows for the enjoyment of outdoor spaces no matter the time of day. Whether you want your lighting to highlight your home’s entrance, illuminate your grilling space, brighten an entertaining area or create cozy ambience, here’s your all-you-need-to-know guide to types of outdoor lighting.

Types of Outdoor Lighting


Typically made of all-weather material, lanterns are perfect for placing in uncovered areas as well as adding brightness at various heights. Lit with real or battery-operated candles, these flickering accents can be hung or placed on the ground for those places that can easily be neglected.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Path Lights

Placed along walkways, path lights keep these areas visible day and night. When these lights are strategically placed within garden beds, your landscaping will be beautifully backlit.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Highlighting Tip:
Placing a spotlight at ground level and positioning it upwards works wonders for highlighting a home’s exterior. Spotlights can also be placed near prominent architectural or landscape features such as arches, pillars or trees.

Glow Balls

Pools have a way of being the star of the backyard, but we don’t often think about lighting them up in the evening. Glow balls are waterproof and change colors for a magical effect. These free-floating orbs can be used beyond the pool, glowing perfectly on a deck or scattered around a garden.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

String Lights

Nothing brings cozy ambience outdoors quite like string lights. Hanging overhead, multiple strands can be connected to cover considerable square footage. String lights are perfect for trimming the perimeter of a porch, while meteor lights are ideal for cascading down the center of a gathering spot for a starry effect.

Outdoor Lighting Guide


The perfect complement to outdoor entertaining, candles give a concentrated glow that creates a romantic atmosphere. Go for classic candles or battery-operated options with a waterproof flame. Candles are the ideal accompaniment to an outdoor dining table, lending light and aesthetic to a tablescape.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Energy-Saving Tip:
To save energy with your outdoor lights, ditch incandescent bulbs and instead opt for CFL or LEDs. Solar lights are also a great eco-friendly solution since operating on nothing more than the sun’s rays means no energy bill. Motion detector lights are ideal for when you want some added security to your space without having lights on for hours at a time. Additionally, putting lights on a timer keeps them on when they’re needed and off when you’ve gone to bed.

Rechargeable Lights

An eco-friendly option that has indoor style and outdoor durability, rechargeable lights are portable and water-resistant. Move them wherever extra light is needed, like next to the grill for an evening barbecue or even next to the pool for a midnight swim.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

Hanging Lights

If brightness in your outdoor space is what you’re looking for, hanging lights are your best bet. Chandeliers and pendants are also a fantastic way to add embellishment to your deck, patio or porch.

Outdoor Lighting Guide

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