There’s nothing like a home filled with souvenirs from far-off lands, but getting the look can take a lot of time (not to mention a lot of stamps in your passport). So when our merchants and designers set out to create this season’s collection, they decided to create a special group of unique pieces with an exotic, traveled vibe, that would fit in among treasures and artifacts picked up on vacations and journeys. “We’re so inspired in our own travels by everything we see … from a vintage blanket in an outdoor market to the intricate details on a centuries-old gate,” explains Jax Painter Hamm, Outdoor Merchant. “Everybody should be able to get that look – without having to travel abroad to find it.”

The collection started with an inspiration board of materials, fabrics and photos the team used to guide the design process.

Designer sketches of the Malia Hanging Daybed and Catawba Seating Collection.

Getting the look requires just a few tried and true methods. Mix materials, across outdoor furniture and fabrics. Part of the bohemian, traveled vibe is letting go of the notion that everything has to match. “We love the idea of including all sorts of outdoor pillows, in different colors and patterns,” Jax says . “And be sure to layer in lots of accessories – from mirrors to lanterns to found objects. This is definitely a ‘more is more’ kind of style.”

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