How Are You Celebrating Mom?

May 12 is around the corner, which means it’s time to plan something special for your mom (or any mom-like figure in your life). No matter what you gift her, she’ll love it … but if you want in on a little secret, chances are what she’ll appreciate the most is spending some quality time with you. Make it truly special with a little planning, and it’s sure to be a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget. Here are just a few ways we’ll be showing our mothers some love …


Your mom will love a surprise breakfast prepared with lots of love. Go all out with flowers on the table in a new vase, her favorite foods (French toast anyone?) and the best gift of all – someone else doing the cooking and post-brunch cleaning.

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There’s no better time than spring for a gift that will keep on giving (and growing). Whether you help her with weeding and preparing her garden or present her with pre-potted planters, she’ll think of you all spring and summer long.

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Pamper her with a trio of gifts that lets her truly relax. Our Resort Towels and Robe are as pillowy soft as any spa (and she gets to keep them!). Add in a candle of one of her favorite scents, and she’s halfway to a spa-like experience in her own home.

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Warning: A special toast on Mother’s Day may draw a few tears. Bring her bottle of choice over in a Weston Wine Caddy, and take it outside to her open-air space for memorable conversations and laughs. The best part? There’s no last call, so you can savor your time together as long as you’d like.

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Looking for something more than a special activity with Mom?

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